EmojiWorks now has a physical emoji keyboard with Apple’s designs


The obsession of the Internet with emojis cannot be overstated. Most people use emojis every single day on their phones and their desktops, they draw new ones all the time, adapt ones from other countries and even try to promote diversity with emojis for people of all races and sexual preferences. In other words, emojis are seemingly inseparable part of Internet culture and etiquette so when people actually make physical keyboards with emoji characters, you should not act very surprised.

EmojiWorks is the company behind the eponymous keyboard, one of the few to actually release such a thing in the consumer market. The QWERTY keyboard is fully operational and comes in three different editions with varying amounts of accessible emoji. The standard edition gives you access to 47, the Plus to 9 and the all-encompassing Pro edition grants you power over 120 emoji. In order to access the emoticons, users simply need to press the emoji button located between the Control and Command buttons as well as next to the arrow keys.

The entire design of the keyboard looks a bit too much like Apple’s own wireless keyboard but that is not even the strangest part. The emojis used here also belong to Apple as the company designed and paid for them. I am guessing that the company will not exactly be happy that EmojiWorks took its design and applied it to a commercial keyboard but we will see soon enough as Apple is not known for staying quiet about such matters.

The EmojiWorks keyboards are available for pre-order and they will ship “no sooner than December 1st”, meaning you may well get them later than that. As for the price, you are looking at $80/$90/$100 for the Standard, Plus and Pro editions respectively. It supports Windows, OS X and iOS devices.