DropCommand: Drag and drop files to the command prompt in Vista


dropcommandscreenMaybe this won’t come as a utility for many, but powerusers will find this tool quite useful. DropCommand enables you to drag files easily into your Vista command prompt screen. There are many obvious reasons why one would do that, so we won’t get in to that area.

We’re glad someone thought about this tool and I hope the author will launch a similar tool for Windows XP (although I didn’t checked if this tool works in that environment). DropCommand is freeware, you only need to run it and enjoy it.

Download DropCommand free

  • mabra

    Hi !

    What to do with this program? I just double-clicked it and it saves a .wav file. But darp and dropa was not working. I used server 2008. How to contact the author? Or:Is there source code available??


  • Well, it should work on Vista, on server 2008 maybe has some problems, didn’t tried it. Also, it creates a .wav file, there isn’t any problem about that.

    Check the author page, maybe you can get more clarification for DropCommand: http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=16368.0

  • Tamer

    For those who want to turn off the sound effect (like me), here’s how:

    Go to your profile directory (usually C:Users), delete file “DropCommand.wav”, which is created automatically every time the program starts, and create a directory named “DropCommand.wav”.

    The commands are:

    > cd “%USERPROFILE%”
    > del DropCommand.wav
    > md DropCommand.wav

    Note that you may need to close the program first or you’ll get an “access denied” error (or the like).

    Many thanks to Cezar Renta for the life-saving app:)

  • Johnny

    This functionality is native in Windows XP and prior. MS removed it from Vista/2K8