How To: Change the priority of wireless networks

Networks System Tray

If you are using multiple wireless networks in your computer, it might be confused as to which one is the priority one. Cable networks will always have top priority but wireless ones tend to get confused. You might be using two routers or a dual-band one that creates multiple networks. Read on to find out how to set the priority in the networks as it could not be easier.

Manage Network Priority

Go to the system tray, click on the network icon and then click on the “Open Network and Sharing Center” link. Alternatively, you can get there by searching network and sharing in the Start menu and then hitting Enter. Once you are there, you will see a link on the left that says “Manage wireless networks”. Click on that to continue. Here comes the easy part: Simply drag and drop the top priority network to the top of the list and you are done. You can also click on a network and then click on the “Move up”/”Move down” options from the toolbar. If you go to the network icon in the system tray again, you will notice that the networks move there as well.

Network Properties

There are some more options that you can set if you want to prevent networks from becoming priority ones. If you are connected to one, right click on it from the icon tray and select Properties. Navigate to the Connection tab and you will see various checkboxes. If you want that network to be the priority one, check the box that says “Connect automatically when this network is in range”. If not, check the box that says “Connect to a more preferred network if available”. If you check both boxes, it will simply connect to that network when there is no other available so that you always have a connection. It is all pretty simple but it will save you the hassle of having to go through it every time.