How To: Change which files are shared with your Homegroup

Homegroup Main Window

As you might have noticed, we think highly of the Homegroup feature here at Filecluster. It is an extremely easy and efficient way to share files between computers in a network, even if it might provide quite a few restrictions. Power users might have a third-party utility that does the job for them but casual users will find the Homegroup feature to be more than enough for their everyday needs. Today we will be looking at how to manage the files that you can share between users of a homegroup. There are two ways to manage the files and I will explain both below.

Through the Homegroup

Homegroup Shared Files

Open the feature by typing homegroup in the Start menu and pressing Enter. Once you are there, you should see various checkboxes under the “Share libraries and printers” menu. Here you can simply uncheck the libraries that you do not want to share, as well as stop sharing printers. This, however, means that you will not be sharing anything within that particular library which is not very useful.

Sharing/Blocking specific files and folders

Shared Files

By navigating to your Libraries, you can actually set very specific sharing permissions for all of your files. Simply select the files you want to manage, right click on them and choose the option that suits you best. You can choose not to share with anybody, share the files as “read-only” (which means that other users cannot make changes to them) or share them completely. You can also set permissions for specific users if you want. This is the best way to do things if you have a very specific list of files you want to share without giving away all the contents of your libraries.