‘Cemu’ is the world’s first (semi-)working Wii U emulator


Cemu, the world’s first real Wii U emulator, is now available to the general population as a proof-of-concept release that gives us hope for the future. The emulator currently has “basically no optimizations whatsoever” and does not support gamepads or even audio at this state. Still, it is a brilliant first release that you can also try out today, provided that you have an updated NVIDIA GPU, a Windows x64 PC and OpenGL 3.3, not to mention a Wii U game in a raw dump format (WUD or ISO).

Before you get too disappointed with the drawbacks, know that Cemu has the potential to reach Dolphin-like levels of emulation prowess. Exzap, the creator of Cemu, has been actively working on the emulator for at least 6 months but the current plan is to release a new update full of improvements every two weeks. As you can see from the video above, Cemu is already capable of running and rendering games so everything from here on out will be focused on getting the games to behave properly and run smoothly.

In contrast to the vast majority of other emulators, Cemu is not an open-source project. The only thing we know about its code is that it differs from Dolphin, a statement that had to be made before the inevitable comparisons wave in. The only remaining thing now is to see how Nintendo reacts to this seeing as how the company hates the guts of every emulator out there, even for consoles as old as the Game Boy.