You can now create Windows 10 apps without writing any code


The Windows Store is not a great app marketplace by any stretch of the imagination, a fact that Microsoft is painfully aware of. With the introduction of Windows 10 and its “all in one” strategy, the company is trying to breathe new life into the Store so that it can actually provide its users with a decent amount of content once the operating system makes its way to additional devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

To show just how easy it is to create apps and tools for Windows 10, Microsoft has updated its App Studio program in order to let users create and submit apps from their web browsers. There are no requirements, technical or otherwise, as anyone can visit the Windows App Studio page and create basic apps right away. The webpage provides easy-to-follow instructions with a variety of configuration options so users can add content and customize their creations even with the most basic knowledge of common terms such as API and RSS.

The limitations of the program mean that only the best among us will create any decent apps but that does not mean you cannot manufacture an app for your own needs. The only issue I have with all this is that flooding the Windows Store with thousands of unprofessional apps is not exactly the greatest way of bringing it up to speed with competing marketplaces. Microsoft has invested in Windows Store cleanups in years past but no developers followed so the company focused elsewhere instead.

Anything that you create via the Windows App Studio will be a Universal App so you can run it in any Windows 10 device including desktops, phones, IoT devices and the Raspberry Pi 2. I am hoping that we will see at least a few fantastic niche apps but I am expecting to see many companion apps to websites, teams and bands that no one will want.