Aximion: Make your Windows 3D!


aximion-screenAximion is a truly genuine transformation tool for Windows for the fact that it gives a new meaning to the term Windows transformation. Aximion takes the default Windows interface, dumps it and replaces it with a 3D interactive environment. The general idea is the same, the only difference is that everything is shaped in 3D, the windows are 3D they can be moved in a 3D environment aka your desktop.

Although  the application is not bug free, developers are working hard into making it a pleasant experience, which I don’t have any doubts it will please you. Aximion is free to download and install and if the screenshot didn’t impress you, installing Aximion will surely change up your mind.

Download Aximion

  • new transformation!! new edition!!

  • 3D interactive!

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    ok, galing pero dont forget to backup pls