Apple’s “Hey Siri” event: Everything that Apple announced


Apple’s annual September event, also known as the ‘Hey Siri’ event this year, has come and went with Apple announcing quite a few things. Many of them were already circulating in rumors so you will not be too surprised if you have been keeping up with the more dedicated Apple blogs as of late.

iPhone 6S + iPhone 6S Plus

These were obviously the least surprising items to come out of the event as even Apple had pretty much confirmed their existence already. Compared to existing models, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be made from different grades of aluminum with a couple of new color options, they have improved cameras at the front and back and much better processors as Apple will include the latest A9 chip in the iPhone 6S Plus.

The final addition is also the most interesting one as Apple will include a new display technology called “3D Touch” with the new devices. In a nutshell, this tech will let the phone register different kinds of taps and presses so a harder press on an icon may bring up additional options, for example. Two new gesture types were revealed (Peek and Pop) which will give you additional options in the context menu or inside the app respectively. As an example, a hard press of the Camera icon will give you instant access to the selfie camera.

iPad Pro

The latest addition to the iPad lineup, the Pro is a 12.9-inch tablet that will debut just in time for Apple’s new accessories: a “Smart Keyboard” and a “Pencil” stylus which will cost $169 and $99 respectively. As a standalone device, the iPad Pro is definitely the most powerful iPad yet so if you were looking for an upgrade you will most likely be pleased with it. For everyone else, I direct your attention to this comic.

Apple TV

Most people, including us, thought that the fourth generation of Apple TVs would be unveiled in a separate event next month but it turns out we were very wrong. Apple revealed everything about the new TV boxes yesterday and it pretty much follows what we had heard over the past two weeks. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said: “We believe the future of TV is apps”, and it does not get any clearer than that. The App Store will be a central part of the experience and it will be complimented by new Siri controls and a touch-enabled remote that also has a Siri button so you can instantly command the virtual assistant to do your bidding. Turning the remote sideways also turns it into a game controller so you can play virtually any iOS game on a big screen.

Apple Watch + iPad mini 4 upgrades

Apple Watch Fashion Straps

Though it was not ready to offer entirely new versions of the Apple Watch and the iPad mini 4, Apple did upgrade a few things on both devices. For the Watch, Apple focused on looks as it teamed up with a fashion brand to introduce a new model with exclusive faces, straps and color options. The new watchOS 2.0 will also become available next week on September 16th. As for the iPad mini 4, the new model will be upgraded to the newer A8 chip and will also have additional color options.