Andy Rubin is leaving Google


Andy Rubin, known around the world as the founder of Android, has decided to leave Google in order to pursue his own interests in creating an incubator for hardware startups. Rubin has been heading Google’s robotics division for about a year and a half now, the reins of which will be passed over to James Kuffner now.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Andy Rubin talked fondly of Google co-founder Larry Page and his efforts to turn the robotics division into something great. Of course, we know that Page has been focusing almost exclusively on Google’s futuristic projects so this should come as no surprise. For his part, Page wanted to thank Rubin for what he did for Android and the mobile world, remarking that there are now a billion happy consumers out there.

Apart from the robotics division, nothing else will shift in Google as Rubin has had no involvement with Android since he left the division in March 2013 when Sundar Pichai was left in charge, the same guy that is now heading pretty much every major Google division and product in existence. Andy Rubin is truly a mastermind and if he can help hardware startups kickstart their efforts, none of us should complain.