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You can use this contact page to send us updated software informations, feedback, suggestions, free featured listings, advertising proposals or general inquires regarding our services.

We will consider any message you send us as long as it contains well-founded feedback or suggestions. We will not consider/answer questions related to fixing your computer, finding information on the Internet, or anything as such. You can use the various search engines on the web to aid you in matters of that kind.

If you need to update an existing software or PAD file, do not re-submit the PAD File, our system will not allow it, due to large amounts of affiliate spam. Please use this form or send us a direct email, with your name (publisher name), software name and PAD file link. Also please let us know the reason why you want the PAD file to be updated (e.g new version or changed link).We will manually update your software or PAD XML file into our database, to increase the quality of our archive. Also, if we have manually added your software into our database without any PAD File for any reason, please send us the PAD File URL directly via email or this form.

For new software submissions, please use the following submission form HERE

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