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Top 10 Freeware
Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise
Java SE Development Kit JDK 9.0.4
The next Java platform by Sun Microsystems
Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 5.1.4
Track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps
Auto Typer And Auto Clicker 1.4
Can auto type a list of messages
Sun Java JRE 9.0.1
Run Java applications
Eclipse SDK 4.7.1a
Open-source Java IDE and platform for apps
Google Android SDK 25.2.5
Create applications for Android phones
Qbasic 1.0
Check for error as you type your program
DEV-C++ 5.11
A full-featured IDE for C/C++
Latest Updates
Software Ideas Modeler 11.50 Build 6627.13581
A friendly and functional application that allows you to create UML, JSD and other diagram types
CatLight 2.16.2 Beta
A lightweight application that lets you monitor the status of AppVeyor, Jenkins, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services builds
An advanced tool that lets you create programming scripts in more than 130 languages
Octopus Deploy 2018.2.6
A robust deployment server that helps you automate and speed up production of.NET applications and websites
TNTsdk 2018 Build 20180221
A set of tools that let you develop applications that collaborate with TNTmips
JetBrains MPS 2017.3.5 Build 173.1767
Let’s you write code in a text-like fashion, define the rules and more
Teamscale 4.0.1
Analyze, monitor and optimize code quality for popular programming languages
USB Monitor Professional (DMS)
Software USB port sniffer, monitor tool with protocol analyzer and data logger
USB Monitor Ultimate (DMS)
Software USB port sniffer, monitor tool with protocol analyzer and data logger
Serial Monitor Professional (DMS)
Software serial port monitor Rs232 com sniffer with protocol logger and analyzer
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Kode Magd
A VBA editor toolbar that lets you make code readable and offers in-depth text formatting adjustments
7 / 381
1.4 Mb
fastBinaryJSON 1.4.4
Fast serializing and deserializing of data
7 / 441
0.04 Mb
Simple Database Schema Viewer
A simple, cross-database facade over .Net 2.0 DbProviderFactories to read database metadata
7 / 429
1.7 Mb
Matplotlib 1.3.1
A useful Python 2D Plotting Library
13 / 637
5.6 Mb
JProfiler 10.0.3 Build 10078
Profile Java-based applications to fix threading issues and identify performance bottlenecks
12 / 852
83 Mb
Connect4 SQL Designer 1.2
Intuitive, feature-rich design tool for End User SQL Queries
6 / 466
3.3 Mb
JetBrains dotMemory 2017.3.2
Keep track of the memory usage of your .NET applications
10 / 577
1 Mb
Jodd 4.1.4
A generic, lightweight Java utility library
8 / 454
1.7 Mb
Complete collection of core classes and Ruby Standard Libraries for Ruby language
17 / 808
30.4 Mb
TNTsdk 2018 Build 20180221
A set of tools that let you develop applications that collaborate with TNTmips
32 / 1,367
34.2 Mb
DrJava 20140826 r5761
Handy, lightweight Java development environment for students
8 / 486
12.4 Mb
Bytes and Bits Viewer Final
Easily view bytes or bits sequences in binary files
8 / 455
0.006 Mb
Vbs To Exe 3.0.5
Simple solution for conversion from VBS format to executable file
12 / 589
5.2 Mb
NOV Rich Text Editor 2014.1
A feature-rich, cross-platform text processor
8 / 466
63.4 Mb
Processing 3.3.6
Helps you learn the bascis of programming in a visual manner
62 / 4,205
112 Mb
ExamDiff Pro 9.0 Build
Easily find differences between two files, folders, directories or clipboard content
14 / 750
11.2 Mb
Free, lightweight Visual File Comparison Tool
10 / 444
0.52 Mb
OpenCV 3.3.1
Open source computer vision and machine learning software library
25 / 1,064
269 Mb
dotNetRDF 1.0.8 Build
Semantic Web/RDF library for .NET
8 / 448
16 Mb
FMOD Designer 4.44.41
Develop and author multitrack sound effects, digital music and other related files
26 / 1,792
33.3 Mb