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Top 10 Freeware
Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise
Java SE Development Kit JDK 9.0.4
The next Java platform by Sun Microsystems
Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 5.1.4
Track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps
Auto Typer And Auto Clicker 1.4
Can auto type a list of messages
Sun Java JRE 9.0.1
Run Java applications
Eclipse SDK 4.7.1a
Open-source Java IDE and platform for apps
Google Android SDK 25.2.5
Create applications for Android phones
Qbasic 1.0
Check for error as you type your program
DEV-C++ 5.11
A full-featured IDE for C/C++
Latest Updates
QF-Test 4.2.1 Build 13786
Test, debug, and evaluate execution quality for Java and Web applications
Jailer 7.6.3
An effective Java-based data export and extraction utility
Software Ideas Modeler 11.50 Build 6627.13581
A friendly and functional application that allows you to create UML, JSD and other diagram types
CatLight 2.16.2 Beta
A lightweight application that lets you monitor the status of AppVeyor, Jenkins, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services builds
Octopus Deploy 2018.2.6
A robust deployment server that helps you automate and speed up production of.NET applications and websites
TNTsdk 2018 Build 20180221
A set of tools that let you develop applications that collaborate with TNTmips
An advanced tool that lets you create programming scripts in more than 130 languages
JetBrains MPS 2017.3.5 Build 173.1767
Let’s you write code in a text-like fashion, define the rules and more
Teamscale 4.0.1
Analyze, monitor and optimize code quality for popular programming languages
USB Monitor Professional (DMS)
Software USB port sniffer, monitor tool with protocol analyzer and data logger
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Android Studio 3.0 Build 171.4408382
A powerful development environment for writing, debugging and testing Android applications
40 / 1,641
1960 Mb
PE Internals 4.0.15222.1
A practical and user friendly processor utility for decompiling PE32 and PE32+ executables and searching for HEX and ANSI strings
9 / 562
0.3 Mb
Imagex (Wimlib) 1.12.0
Easily manage your Windows Imaging files with this command line tool
17 / 872
0.8 Mb
TestComplete 12.41 Build 2879.7
Comprenehsive and robust environment for automated testing of Windows, .NET, Java and web applications
12 / 773
582 Mb
Scratch Offline Editor 2 v.454
A friendly tool that lets children learn basic programming notions while creating animations
11 / 815
41.7 Mb
TicketDesk 2.1.4
A friendly ticket tracking system for support centers and IT Help Desks
8 / 455
5 Mb
Guiffy 11.8 Build 480
A robust application for analysis, comparison and merging of multiple files of any format
11 / 753
47.7 Mb
AndroChef Java Decompiler
Decompile Java classes, JAR, APK or DEX files and reconstruct the original source code
15 / 883
11.4 Mb
Understand 4.0 Build 925
A comprehensive tool supporting a variety of programming languages that analyzes your code for errors
24 / 1,679
67.8 Mb
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2017.3 Build 173.3727.127
A handy application, that helps developers to create and debug mobile and web apps
44 / 1,421
367 Mb
OpenSSL 1.0.2c
A handy development tool capable of implementing SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols in your projects
9 / 475
8.4 Mb
Apache Ant 1.9.10
A Java-based development tool that can drive processes described in build files as interdependent targets and extension points
11 / 675
7.9 Mb
PhpStorm 2017.3.4 Build 173.4548.3
A well-rounded IDE for HTML, JavaScript and PHP
16 / 1,103
208 Mb
YourKit Profiler 2017.02-b67
A useful CPU and memory profiler for .NET platform.
8 / 603
44.6 Mb
A program developers can use to automate build and release management for their software products
10 / 496
52.2 Mb
Xamarin Studio 5.10.1 Build 6
A comprehensive IDE for C# applications development and cross-platform deployement
17 / 892
1.9 Mb
bin2header 0.0.1
Easily convert binary files to to C/C++ headers with this free tool
13 / 547
0.2 Mb
Absolute Database 7.50
A Single File Delphi Database that supports SQL, BLOBS and multiuser mode
17 / 694
70.9 Mb
Open Watcom 1.9
A comprehensive IDE that bundles C, C++ and Fortran aimed at professionals
12 / 739
80.1 Mb
Lazarus 1.6.0
A powerful Delphi programming environment with an intuitive IDE
19 / 958
114 Mb