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Top 10 Freeware
SafeIP – Protects Online Identity
JAP / JonDo 00.18.001
Surf the web without being observed
WampServer 3.1.3
Apache, PHP5, MySQL database package
MySQL Workbench 8.0.12 Build 133112926
Database design application that lets you design, manage, and document your database scheme
XAMPP 7.2.5-0
Easy to use Apache distribution
Apache HTTP Server for Windows 2.4.32
Most popular web servers to date
Apache Solr 7.5.0
Fast paced open source search platform for enterprise use
Enables you to obtain a server port
Latest Updates
ArangoDB 3.3.18
An easy to configure database server equipped with support for graphs and geo-algorithms
Licas 6.15.1
A handy and convenient lightweight framework that allows you to create and work with your own server
Comodo Firewall
Free Comodo Firewall
Cerberus FTP Server
Reliable and user friendly Secure FTP server
Database .NET Free 25.9.6862
An intuitive and powerful multiple database management tool with a few handy features
Xftp 6.0 Build 0095
Move your important files and folders to a secured server effortlessly with this powerful and efficient file transfer application
Xftp Free 6.0 Build 0095
A robust, free FTP and SFTP client that enables you to upload and download files from public and personal websites
DBeauty 8.0.2
Great tool for relational data browsing
Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) 7.46
A feature-rich server that allows you to access your computer from a remote location
LedgerSMB 1.6.6
Accounting tool that can come in handy.
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MagicDraw UML 18.5 SP2
A useful utility for business process and system modelling
20 / 1,395
755 Mb
Betternet 4.1.0
A simple solution for anonymous web browsing
34 / 2,033
10.4 Mb
Paradox Direct Engine (ActiveX) 3.00
A straightforward application for loading Paradox tables to MS Jet/ADO datasources with support for various other tasks
9 / 781
1.5 Mb
pgAdmin 4 3.4
A database management tool that lets you easily connect to databases, run SQL statements and create tables
14 / 1,351
83.2 Mb
ST Proxy Switcher 3.0.53
Download and manage large lists of proxies with this handy proxy tool
13 / 842
1 Mb
Home Web Server
An intuitive, web server for home use, packed with lots of features
9 / 855
1.1 Mb
The Uniform Server 8.9.2
A lightweight WAMP server supporting Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Perl and Java
16 / 801
21.2 Mb
WebLog Expert Lite 9.3
Analyze website log files and get reports on the selected web pages
10 / 732
3 Mb
Tiny DHCP Server 1.4
A friendly DHC server for Windows with support for an unlimited number of clients
12 / 918
0.1 Mb
Universal Type Server 5.0.0
Keep your team up to date with the newest fonts through this centralized font library
11 / 983
304 Mb
BIDS Helper
A handy add-in for Visual Studio that lets you improve the functionality of your SQL Server
9 / 731
1.7 Mb
MySQL Cluster 7.3.8
A powerful, open-source transactional database
12 / 925
108 Mb
MongoDB 3.7.8
A versatile NoSQL database system
32 / 2,010
216 Mb
A handy utility that checks the availability of various proxy servers
14 / 773
90 Mb
A handy tool that automates database operations, efficient design of SQL code, query creation and object comparison
80 / 4,073
90.2 Mb
Proxy Mask
Can be used for accessing blocked websites: Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may block some websites.
10 / 869
14 Mb
Universal Media Server 7.0.1
A customizable media server supporting DLNA certified devices
13 / 3,546
82.3 Mb
ApexSQL Refactor 2017.02
A free tool for formatting and refactoring SQL Server code and objects
9 / 899
7 Mb
ApexSQL Search 2016.05
A free search utility that lets you find SQL data and objects in Visual Studio and SSMS
10 / 733
7 Mb
ApexSQL Complete 2017.06
Comprehensive collection of SQL Server productivity features
11 / 695
6 Mb