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Top 10 Freeware
SafeIP – Protects Online Identity
JAP / JonDo 00.18.001
Surf the web without being observed
WampServer 3.1.3
Apache, PHP5, MySQL database package
MySQL Workbench 8.0.12 Build 133112926
Database design application that lets you design, manage, and document your database scheme
XAMPP 7.2.5-0
Easy to use Apache distribution
Apache HTTP Server for Windows 2.4.32
Most popular web servers to date
Apache Solr 7.5.0
Fast paced open source search platform for enterprise use
Enables you to obtain a server port
Latest Updates
ArangoDB 3.3.18
An easy to configure database server equipped with support for graphs and geo-algorithms
Licas 6.15.1
A handy and convenient lightweight framework that allows you to create and work with your own server
Comodo Firewall
Free Comodo Firewall
Cerberus FTP Server
Reliable and user friendly Secure FTP server
Database .NET Free 25.9.6862
An intuitive and powerful multiple database management tool with a few handy features
Xftp 6.0 Build 0095
Move your important files and folders to a secured server effortlessly with this powerful and efficient file transfer application
Xftp Free 6.0 Build 0095
A robust, free FTP and SFTP client that enables you to upload and download files from public and personal websites
DBeauty 8.0.2
Great tool for relational data browsing
Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) 7.46
A feature-rich server that allows you to access your computer from a remote location
LedgerSMB 1.6.6
Accounting tool that can come in handy.
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Snippets Generator 3.4 Build 20180509_1
A convenient way to generate T-SQL snippets for SQL Server 2012 thanks to built-in templates and intuitive options
11 / 775
3 Mb
Create ORM definitions and export them from a visual model to a standardized format with this friendly application
9 / 647
18.8 Mb
Wing FTP Server 5.0.9
An easy to use application providing a complete overview of your FTP server, its users list, activity, transfer speeds and file amount
9 / 931
8 Mb
AbleFtp 11.18
An FTP client that can perform multiple file-related tasks and can automatically execute them based on a custom schedule
8 / 755
38.5 Mb
Travel Time Map 1.0.0
A handy program that can generate isolines to represent the area that can be reached from a certain point based on a time or distance limit
8 / 622
41.62 Mb
MSSQL Browser Lite 1.0
A functional utility that lets you browse local or remote Microsoft SQL Server databases and execute a number of commands
8 / 635
21.7 Mb
James 1.5.0
A robust web debugging platform with straightforward tools
7 / 679
52.5 Mb
deltasql 1.8.1
A robust application that lets you create data models and monitor the schemas for various SQL-like databases
9 / 671
22.6 Mb
dbMigration .NET 8.4.6715.1
A robust application that facilitates item transfers between two databases of different types and SQLITE, MDB and SQL items
8 / 1,060
15.6 Mb
Gather Proxy 8.9
A small Windows tool capable of gathering information about proxy servers and socks
30 / 2,145
3.7 Mb
Simple DNS Plus 7.0 Build 101
A feature-rich application for domain name management and improved control over DNS server settings
9 / 982
6.1 Mb
PythonReports 0.9.1
A free toolkit you can use to create database reports in Python
8 / 743
0.5 Mb
FortKnox Personal Firewall 2018-22.0.450
A robust firewall that protects your system from inbound or outbound attacks
19 / 2,425
4.8 Mb
Alt-N MDaemon Messaging Server 18.0.1
A secure mail server supporting POP, SMTP, IMAP and SyncML
9 / 1,135
136 Mb
SpyShelter Firewall 10.9.9
A powerful firewall solution that protects your PC against keyloggers and blocks Internet access to various apps
36 / 1,196
10.9 Mb
Jetico Personal Firewall
A robust firewall allowing thorough management of connections and application permission settings
25 / 803
3.7 Mb
Kerio Control 9.2.7 Build 2921
A robust software solution offering a secure way to protect any network
65 / 2,511
231 Mb
IP Proxy Scraper
Extract a list of proxy server IP addresses from any website with this lightweight tool
29 / 852
0.1 Mb
Nova Proxy-Suite 2.1
Search for proxies or import existing lists and check their current status
53 / 2,541
10.2 Mb
Daminion Server 5.0.0 Build 1572
A reliable application that can quickly setup the server-side connection for the Daminion data management application
14 / 948
208 Mb