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Top 10 Freeware
RemoveWGA 1.2
Enables you to remove the WGA
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
Delete the configuration of Windows Installer on failed installs
SnadBoy's Revelation
See the actual password behind the asterisks
Freegate Professional 7.62
Freegate Professional- An anti-censorship software for fast and secure Internet access
Freegate Expert Edition 7.40
Freegate Expert Edition - For Fast & Secure Internet Access
McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool
Removes versions of McAfee consumer products
Avast Uninstall Utility
When it-s not possible to remove avast!
Ubuntu 12.1
Popular Linux OS distribution
RRT Remove Restrictions Tool
Re-enable Ctrl+Alt+Del, Folder Options
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 Final
A preview release of the latest version
Latest Updates
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool 19.02.2018.0
A small, but capable application that scans your computer for malware infections and attempts to fix them
Xinorbis 8.1.4
An easy to use and powerful tool that allows you to analyze the content of your hard drive or folders
Windows Defender Latest Definition Updates February 20, 2018
Latest Windows Defender definition updates
BlackFog Privacy 3.4.0
Real-time monitoring of network traffic with this reliable piece of software
Ekran System 5.6.527.0
A robust software solution that lets you keep track of user activity on workstations and servers, save video records, detect improper assets usage and receive instant alerts
SafeInCloud 18.0.1
A small and comprehensive password management application
Exe Guarder 201109011807
Encrypt pe exe (add password to exe file).
Quick Hash 3.0.1
A portable tool that lets you perform quick hashing on text strings, files or entire folders
Passwordstate 8.2 Build 8256
Keep your passwords safe with this reliable web-based application
Java Runtime Environment 8
Allows you to run applications "applets"
Sort by: Recently Added Top Rated Popular Downloads
MiniToolBox 17-06-2016
A small tool that can help you pinpoint the cause of your Internet issues with ease
8 / 547
0.9 Mb
Notebook PEA 1.1
Easily create and encrypt text content with this functional piece of software
3 / 414
0.3 Mb
BitRaser for File
Permanently delete files from your hard drive so no one will be able to recover them
14 / 608
15.1 Mb
A lightweight tool that lets you safely passwords and login credentials in a single place
5 / 384
0.7 Mb
Puran Utilities 3.1
A comprehensive collection of tools designed to optimize your system registry and remove junk files to improve your computer’s performance
3 / 400
10.2 Mb
SuperProtect 4.0
Create a custom blacklist to block specific websites from being accessed on your computer and keep your data safe by blocking USB ports
6 / 363
2.3 Mb
Store your passwords and login credentials in a custom encrypted vault file
4 / 388
3.6 Mb
Simple DNSCrypt 0.4.8
Setup the dnscrypt-proxy on Windows computers with this intuitive utility
7 / 500
5.5 Mb
SEGGER emSecure SignAndVerify 2.20
Protect personal files against intellectual theft with a public or private digital signature
5 / 375
1.1 Mb
Ghostpress 0.9 Build 300
Protects your computer from keyloggers that may attempt to steal personal information
3 / 491
0.2 Mb
Silver Key Free Edition USB 4.9.2
Safeguard your data by password-protecting it with this reliable tool
5 / 432
6.8 Mb
Silver Key Free Edition 4.9.2
A small utility that lets you encrypt files and folders for secure file sharing
7 / 436
10.3 Mb
UnblockDoom Beta
Connect to the Internet via secure proxies and bypass geographical content restrictions
4 / 406
3.3 Mb
ioGuard Drive
Secure your data by creating password-protected USB drives
7 / 387
1.8 Mb
Wolfeye Keylogger 3
Keep an eye on everything that happens on your PC with this powerful keylogger software
12 / 417
6.61 Mb
Microsoft Surface Data Eraser 3.2.46
Create a data wipe toolkit that can be launched from a bootable USB stick to erase data from Surface devices
3 / 469
442 Mb
Avira Phantom VPN
Secure your Internet connection and bypass website and service restrictions
5 / 492
5.1 Mb
MikroLock 1.1
Encrypt documents, emails and other files by creating miniLock IDs based on your email and a combination of DiceWare passphrases
5 / 389
7 Mb
Psiphon 3 Build 133
Bypass online content restrictions and anonymously browse the web with this simple tool
19 / 1,219
6.4 Mb
Shadow Defender
A reliable tool that uses Shadow Mode to safeguard your computer against virus attacks and file changes
4 / 427
3.3 Mb