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GOG Galaxy
Acquire content from GOG, discover new entries, download them to your computer and organize them efficiently with this lightweight client
57 / 67
216 Mb
Hardentools 1.0
Harden your computer's security by disabling multiple Windows, Office and Acrobat Reader features at once, such as macros, ActiveX, autorun and autoplay
55 / 120
3.4 Mb
Registry Shortcuts 1.3
Create your own folder of registry shortcuts and access registry data much easier, directly from Windows Explorer
57 / 224
0.5 Mb
System Font Size Changer
Enhance Windows by increasing the font of all title bars, menus, message boxes, palette titles, icons and tooltips
54 / 212
0.25 Mb
Win10 All Settings
Customize the behavior and look of Windows 10 and access various hidden settings, such as God Mode
53 / 214
0.32 Mb
LeoMoon CPU-V 2.0.1
Check whether or not your computer supports virtualization technology by viewing CPU, and operating system architecture, as well as VT-x status
139 / 441
1.1 Mb
Checks for outdated drivers on your system and enables you to download the latest versions to keep your computer's hardware in top shape
55 / 302
21.6 Mb
DS4Windows 1.7.3
Make the most out of your PlayStation 4 DualShock controller and create custom profiles for the games you enjoy using this application
58 / 449
1.8 Mb
Kaspersky Products Remover (kavremover) 1.0.1372.0
Securely uninstall various Kaspersky products from your computer without leaving traces behind using this simple and user-friendly application
53 / 480
14.4 Mb
Device Cleanup Cmd 0.7.0
Effortlessly remove one or more entries from the Windows device tree based on a set of user-defined parameters, with this handy command-line utility
2 / 462
0.024 Mb
MAMEUI 0.208 (Feb 27 2019)
Enjoy the popular MAME emulator with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) on your computer by turning to this portable software solution
2 / 573
56.1 Mb
NirCmd 2.83
A small command-line utility that allows you to run useful tasks in a fast and simple manner, without displaying any user interface
12 / 509
0.12 Mb
AMD Radeon Adrenalin 19.3.3
Boost your computers performance by optimizing your AMD video card
8 / 544
327 Mb
ColorConsole 3.02
An alternative console window that allows you to change the text and background color, quickly apply preset commands and add new ones
2 / 485
0.1 Mb
wsltty 1.9.8
Access the Windows Subsystem for Linux in a convenient way via a terminal
24 / 992
2.1 Mb
DriverStore Explorer 0.10.15
Manage your computer's drivers and Microsoft's Driver Store
2 / 639
0.6 Mb
StopUpdates10 2.5.55
Prevent Windows 10 from forcefully updating itself, without your permission
2 / 880
1.3 Mb
ReMount 2.1
Rremount your partitions by changing their designated letter after a fresh OS installation
2 / 608
0.3 Mb
Get a first-hand impression on how the first 8-bit microcomputer from Apple works using this simple and straightforward application
2 / 700
1.1 Mb
iCUE - Corsair Utility Engine 3.13.94
Control the lighting, mappings and behavior of your Corsair mice, keyboards, headsets and other peripherals
3 / 798
307 Mb
O&O AppBuster 1.0.1338
Remove unwanted Windows 10 applications that are bundled with the OS, and even hidden Microsoft apps
7 / 805
1 Mb
FullEventLogView 1.35
Simple-to-use event log viewer that you can use to browse all the errors, warnings and notifications in the Windows logs
1 / 734
0.08 Mb
Launch threads in the background that eat up CPU in order to test Process Lasso's ProBalance technology, and set the runtime, total number of threads, and target CPUs
3 / 648
4.3 Mb
DefProf 1.11
Command-line utility that enables you to create a default user profile, which will share its settings and documents with every new account that is created
3 / 560
0.63 Mb
KillEmAll 19.2.7
Terminate all running processes, except from Windows native processes, by turning to this lightweight, portable software solution
3 / 690
8.3 Mb
DriveCleanup 1.6.0
Remove non present drives and devices from the system's device tree
2 / 498
0.05 Mb
Autorun Organizer 3.06
Easily manage the programs that automatically run every time you turn on your computer
3 / 505
9.1 Mb
Tron Script 10.7.5
Run multiple Windows scripts and apps that cleanup, disinfect and speed-up your computer
2 / 969
698 Mb
Fldigi 4.1.00
Transform your computer into a radio station and live chat
1 / 415
5.5 Mb
TCC-RT 24.00.36
A cost-free runtime to implement the TCC command language, allowing you to encrypt and write scripts without owning a Take Command or a TCC license on every one of your computers
1 / 340
13.4 Mb