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Top 10 Freeware
NetCut 2.1.4
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
Ammyy Admin 3.5
Ammyy Admin is a remote computer access tool
oDC 5.31
Direct Connect client
StrongDC 2.42
Peer-to-peer client for the DirectConnect networks
Netman 6.41
A great assisatant for remote work
free open source file sharing program
eMule 0.50a
Filesharing client based on the eDonkey2000
Anti Netcut 3.1.0
Prevents Internet disconnection
ApexDC 1.6.4
Improved interface and much more!
10's Netcut-Defender 2.1.4
Protect Your Network Connection
Latest Updates
Monitor the traffic on your network with this handy and reliable program
Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool 2.79.1
Find devices attached to managed switches.
Network Asset Tracker Pro 4.6
Agentless network inventory.
Network Drive Control 1.23
An intuitive application that lets you easily add, edit, remove, clone and manage your network drives
Webcam and Screen Recorder 7.903
Innovative screen and webcam recorder
Transfer large files without having to upload them on remote servers
LOGINventory 7.6.2
Catalogue information regarding your program licences, hardware devices, and network information by using this useful and efficient application
Free software hardware inventory windows
PicBackMan Build 130
Backup your photos and videos and find duplicates on popular sites and cloud services like Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, OneDrive and Instagram
FlylinkDC++ r504 Build 21208
Connect to online hubs to download and share files with this feature-rich application
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BWMeter 7.1.2
BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter, monitor, traffic controller and firewall.
5 / 345
1 Mb
VNC Viewer 6.20
A reliable application that enables you to connect to and control other computers remotely
6 / 688
6.6 Mb
Cloudevo 3.1.3 Build 17301
A friendly application that allows you to manage all your cloud accounts from a single interface
5 / 943
6 Mb
PB for Desktop 6.5.0
Make use of the fully featured Pushbullet web app directly on your desktop
5 / 598
85.2 Mb
Capsa Network Analyzer Free Edition 10.0
Free network analyzer for network monitoring and troubleshooting
4 / 452
62.8 Mb
cloudtag 0.8.2
An Electron-based application that allows you to easily share files and folders via hash tags and drag and drop
4 / 472
45.7 Mb
CloudBuckit 5.1.0
Connect to multiple FTP servers or cloud storage services and manage them from your desktop
5 / 580
52.6 Mb
LAN Audio Monitor 3.0
Send and receive audio renderings between your computer and a remote PC connected to your local area network
5 / 453
3.1 Mb
Takemote Lite 1.3.1
Remotely monitor and control your Windows computer using another computer, a smartphone or a tablet
6 / 617
90.96 Mb
Slitheris Network Discovery 1.1.241
A reliable network monitoring application that can retrieve detailed information about all the workstations and devices in your network
5 / 421
5.5 Mb
RemotePC 7.4.0
Gain remote access and control to another computer
5 / 758
13.4 Mb
Filetopia 849
A peer-to-peer file sharing client that allows you to download files and share them with others via an Internet connection
5 / 640
45.6 Mb
ColorVeil 3.0
Apply screen color filters to reduce eye strain
5 / 602
0.11 Mb
BeeThink IP Blocker 3.2
Block unwanted IP addresses based on IP blocklists, white lists and black lists
17 / 683
1.6 Mb
Electorrent 2.1.11
A modern Electron-based application that lets you access your torrents remotely by connecting to a uTorrent server
23 / 560
56.4 Mb
SterJo Wireless Network Scanner 1.2
Scan all connected devices to your wireless network.
27 / 500
0.7 Mb
SterJo NetStalker 1.3
Easy-to-use device designed to detect unauthorized access to your computer.
11 / 538
0.9 Mb
SterJo Fast IP Scanner 1.1
Scan IP Range very fast.
21 / 467
0.71 Mb
PicBackMan Build 130
Backup your photos and videos and find duplicates on popular sites and cloud services like Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, OneDrive and Instagram
28 / 616
23.6 Mb
A useful tool that shows whois data for any domain, queries DNS domains and subdomains, and retrieves information about SSL certificates
7 / 541
1 Mb