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Top 10 Freeware
Watermarks removal tool 5.5.7
Remove watermarks from your images
Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.10 Build 186048
Adobe Digital Editions – Making Digital Reading Interesting
e-Sword 10.1.0
A fast and effective way to study the Bible
Satellite Finder 5.5 Build 1422
Locates the relative positions of satelites
Alkitab Bible Study 3.1
Alkitab is a free desktop bible study tools.
BySoft Free BMI Calculator
Free simple way to calculate your body mass
Asymptote 2.49
A powerful vector graphic language
Fly on Desktop 1.5
Easy app to put a fly on your desktop
VirtualBreadboard (VBB) 6.0.7
Develop microcontroller based applications with this reliable and effective Breadboard circuit emulator
JBirthdays 0.4.11
A lightweight utility that allows you to manage and keep track of important birth dates
Latest Updates
TNTatlas 2019 Build 20190515
Load and analyze geodata information stored in a variety of formats with some help from this handy program
Your Birthday News 6.0
A fun tool that lets you create festive newspaper editions in honor of your birthday
Advanced Trigonometry Calculator 2.0.3
A powerful tool that lets you perform advanced trigonometry calculations
QuranCode 6.1.9 Build 1039
Easily find Quran verses and read them.
SingleCrystal 3.1.4
Exploring Diffraction Space.
Portable Balabolka
Have your text read back to you anywhere with this handy and efficient text to speech program
IrriPro 4.1.3
A robust piece of software that lets you design irrigation systems
DreamPlan Home Design Software 4.10 Beta
An intuitive piece of software that allows you to plan and design a house or condo
Coollector Movie Database 4.13.4
A handy place to keep track of your ever-expanding movie collection
WhiteSmoke 2019
WhiteSmoke is a complete writing solution.
Portable XMedia Recode
Convert audio and video files quickly and easily using this comprehensive and efficient application
A user-friendly league management application for football fans
Classroom Spy Professional 4.5.5
A classroom monitoring tool
ExifTool 11.42
Renames files and organizes in directories
VueScan 9.6.40
Scanning program with high color fidelity
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KStars 3.2.1
Effortlessly explore the night sky from any location and at any date and time to discover the planets of our solar system and millions of stars with this app
9 / 591
78.9 Mb
SMath Studio 0.99 Build 7030
Easily perform complex math operations by selecting functions to use, with a built-in auto-complete feature and rich set of editing options
21 / 946
2.2 Mb
Manage the content on your TomTom navigation device, such as photos, documents and routes, with this practical and reliable piece of software
9 / 494
28 Mb
Athan (Azan) Basic 4.5
A lightweight app that plays automatic Athan five times a day at every prayer time
21 / 591
8.6 Mb
IP Video System Design Tool 9.2.0 Build 1760
Design complex and modern video surveillance systems
33 / 542
421 Mb
HelpNDoc Personal Edition 6.0.1 Build 167
Quickly create complete help files, manuals, documentations and eBooks
10 / 599
24.7 Mb
SnapGene Viewer 4.3.4
A user-friendly software solution that can come in handy for previewing your created DNA maps
11 / 745
29.1 Mb
SnapGene 4.3.4
Plan and simulate DNA manipulations, visualize ORFs and share annotated sequences
10 / 193
33.4 Mb
Create family trees that can keep track of all the descendants and ancestors
21 / 1,122
7.6 Mb
Garmin Express
Helps Garmin device owners update maps, backup data and effortlessly transfer waypoints or routes with no more than a few mouse clicks
16 / 631
82.6 Mb
WinStars 3.0.78
A fully-featured application that allows users to view the objects of our solar system in a 3D environment, namely planets, spatial probes, satellites, constellations, stars, and others
15 / 433
18.8 Mb
Smart Math Calculator 4.7
Easy to use advanced math calculator
11 / 3,113
39.2 Mb
Delta 0.9.2 Beta
A robust portfolio tracker application for Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies
9 / 597
66.1 Mb
JBirthdays 0.4.11
A lightweight utility that allows you to manage and keep track of important birth dates
71 / 8,935
0.95 Mb
eSchool 0.18.402
A comprehensive school management application providing graph reports
32 / 1,133
28.6 Mb
stretchly 0.17.0
A lightweight application that makes sure you take a break from working on your PC by sending you notifications at custom intervals
10 / 1,035
72.1 Mb
TonCut 7.1.68 Build 4701
A comprehensive cutting optimization application that helps you cut the required pieces out of a material with as little waste as possible
11 / 1,959
11.9 Mb
Perform basic and advanced mathematical operations with this friendly and visually customizable application
11 / 518
5.3 Mb
Fitness Assistant 3.7
An intuitive application that lets you monitor your workouts and diet
10 / 457
3.03 Mb
SSuite Recipe Organiser Database 2.2
A useful application that lets you easily organize and store your recipes in a database
52 / 2,466
3.76 Mb
World POI Database 4.0 Build 040000
Access a comprehensive list of cities and points of interest that can be viewed and exported to XLS, CSV, KML, and GPX formats
19 / 7,944
3.4 Mb
Text Statistics Analyzer 1.6
Analyze various text statistics such as character, word, and line frequency
11 / 2,245
1.6 Mb
Halotea 1.600
Relax and/or improve your focus with this application that can play background noises, audio tracks and schedule events
10 / 445
34.3 Mb
Halotea Free 1.600
An application that can play various environment sounds to help you relax
10 / 447
33.8 Mb
Halotea Lite 1.600
A simple application that generates atmospheric, relaxing sounds to help you sleep, study, work, and perform other tasks in a relaxed state
9 / 454
34.1 Mb
Syrinscape Fantasy Player 1.3.3-20160816
Make your board game or tabletop gaming experience more entertaining with various environmental sounds and background music
36 / 1,827
26.7 Mb
My Family Tree
An accessible piece of software that lets you create a complex family tree
56 / 3,198
5.4 Mb
Hallo northern sky 4.0.0j
An advanced planetarium that lets you explore the night sky
10 / 1,038
73.2 Mb
eBook Factory 1.0
Create ebooks, product catalogs, manuals, price lists and more with this intuitive application
8 / 622
2 Mb
Ultimate Papercraft 3D 2.20
Create papercraft projects from 3D models
39 / 1,950
13.1 Mb