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Look Personal Care 1.5
An application that will remind you to take breaks when using the computer
3 / 321
5.63 Mb
Get Exercise 1.40
Get reminders to get up and start moving while working at the desk for hours
4 / 450
3.5 Mb
Exercise Reminder 1.21
A useful program that will remind you to take computer breaks and provide exercise suggestions
13 / 737
2.9 Mb
ECTmouse 1.30.2
ECTmouse emulates cursor movement and mouse button clicks by using any keyboard
11 / 940
2.03 Mb
Simple Weight Log for Windows 8
Track your weight progress!
17 / 1,716
0.8 Mb
YOGA for LIFE! for Windows 8
A useful learning tool for the users who want to learn the basic Yoga poses that can improve your health and decrease the stress level
27 / 1,798
4.4 Mb
Calorie Counter for Windows 8
A calorie tracker that displays the total calories for each meal.
46 / 2,005
0.6 Mb
Pause4Relax 2.4.0
Notifies you that it's time to rest your eyes
25 / 1,164
0.66 Mb
Monitor My BP for Windows 8
Allows you to remember the blood pressure readings
36 / 1,130
6.2 Mb
Gluco Logger for Windows 8
Allows you to record the glucose level readings for diabetes patients in order to analyze the trend and monitor the health status
47 / 1,265
6 Mb
Food Tracker for Windows 8
A fun application that provides access to the most unique restaurants in the world, with pictures, location information and detailed menus
43 / 1,280
1.1 Mb
Calorie Calc for Windows 8 Final
A basic calories calculator.
42 / 1,054
0.08 Mb
Healthy BMI for Windows 8
A simple application that calculates and analyzes your Body Mass Index (BMI), while providing nutrition tips on how to stay in shape
42 / 1,015
0.3 Mb
Stress Test for Windows 8
An entertaining application designed to assess your stress level based on your age, occupation, as well as the number of working hours
60 / 1,071
4 Mb
HealthVault for Windows 8
Allows you to track your weight, used calories, blood pressure and other health-related information by using your device and a Microsoft account
47 / 1,344
2 Mb
No Smoking for Windows 8
A simple program that aims to inform you about the smoking effect on your body and help you quit this habit by providing you with advices
44 / 1,280
1.8 Mb
Eyes Relax Portable 0.87.4548.22233
Handy utility, that reminds you about rest-time and save your eyesight.
35 / 992
2 Mb
Eyes Relax 0.87.4548.22214
Eyes Relax is a useful piece of software specifically designed to remind you to take a break and focus your eyes on something at a further distance.
32 / 907
1.8 Mb
My Diet Wiz 2.4.2
Besides being a calorie counter, this software is also useful for keeping track of your nutrient intake levels.
42 / 1,134
6.6 Mb
ErgoClock 1.5.25
Live a healthier life!
41 / 1,205
1.9 Mb