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Top 10 Freeware
Seven Transformation Pack 5.1
Transform your Windows into Vista
Avro Keyboard Bangla Software
A full Unicode supported Bangla typing softwa
Fast Aero 1.3
Emulate GlassAero interface on Windows XP
Active Dancer 1.2.210
Free dancers and strippers on your desktop
VistaMizer Expansion Pack
Give your XP the Vista look
Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme 1.0
Change the style of your desktop to an Apple desktop style
Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate 2 1.0
Vista theme change for Windows XP
Windows 7 Folder Background Changer 1.1
Make your Explorer’s background your own
Syn Virtual Assistant 8.0
Lets you control your computer using only your voice
3DP Net 17.03
Integrated driver installer
Latest Updates
PointerStick 3.33
A virtual pointer stick that can be used to enhance your presentations and grab your audience’s attention
DesktopOK 5.65
Save and restore the desktop icon positions.
TheAeroClock 4.71
A desktop clock with alpha transparency.
Program Icon Changer 201103311837
Change The Icon of .EXE Files
Flash Screensaver Maker Simple Version 201103301837
Make Screensavers from Flash Files
Flash Screensaver Maker 201109241837
Package flash movies in one Screen saver.
Flash Screen Saver 201202221837
Flash movies turned into screen saver
Exe Icon Changer 201506251837
Change icon of driver, folder, dll, & exe
WindowBlinds 10.71
Customize the look and feel of Windows
Take Command 23.00.29
A useful toolkit designed as an alternative to the Windows’ command line editor.
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Scenic Framer
An intuitive desktop application for viewing photos of tree or flowers with multi-monitor support
11 / 677
13.9 Mb
Desktop Dimmer 4.0.3
Dimm one or multiple displays beyond the default Windows capabilities
18 / 760
66 Mb
A free application that automatically adjusts your monitor’s gamma to reduce eye strain
17 / 820
2 Mb
EarthView 5.5.32
A dynamic desktop screensaver and wallpaper that shows accurate views of the earth at day and night
17 / 828
18.35 Mb
Talking Clock 2.8
Let this little clock widget stay on desktop at all times and say the hour out loud every few minutes, so that you do not lose track of time
13 / 799
0.2 Mb
Fractal Dragon Screensaver 2.0
An attractive fractal screensaver that beautifies your desktop while your computer is idle
14 / 767
0.8 Mb
Create multiple desktop layout files, and use them to restore the previous window configuration
62 / 1,008
3.2 Mb
Digital Countdown Screensaver 1.0
A winter-themed screensaver that shows a countdown for the New Year’s Day
16 / 877
26.3 Mb
Touch-It 5.14.2
An application that shows a customizable virtual keyboard and supports multi-monitor systems
17 / 1,026
25.9 Mb
MB-Ruler 5.3
Measure distances or angles directly on your desktop with this practical tool
18 / 736
3.2 Mb
A small piece of software that lets you test your LCD screen for dead, stuck or hot pixels
16 / 790
0.01 Mb
GLOBOS 18.03.22
Bring your desktop to life with this live wallpaper that shows a graphical representation of the Earth or Moon
19 / 965
1.1 Mb
PrintMyFonts 18.4.12
A simple application that lets you preview, print and export currently installed fonts
21 / 1,417
1.2 Mb
OnlyStopWatch 4.11
A basic stopwatch that shows essential information and provides standard options to control the timer
25 / 1,255
0.03 Mb
Find and use icons to your graphic design project
23 / 1,066
34.64 Mb
Box Clock Screensaver 3.0
Display a mechanical clock on your computer screen
20 / 1,000
1.9 Mb
Zoom Mania 3.0
A fun and interactive screensaver
18 / 1,002
0.5 Mb
Fly Again Screensaver 3.0
A beautiful screensaver that simulates a realistic flight experience
21 / 1,053
0.8 Mb
Iris Mini
Enable a color friendly display to protect your eyes while spending long periods of time in front of the computer
84 / 1,550
9.1 Mb
DxWnd 2.04.77 Beta
Open games and other programs that only run in full screen in a custom window mode
44 / 2,405
3.9 Mb