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Top 10 Freeware
Seven Transformation Pack 5.1
Transform your Windows into Vista
Avro Keyboard Bangla Software
A full Unicode supported Bangla typing software
Fast Aero 1.3
Emulate GlassAero interface on Windows XP
Active Dancer 1.2.218
Free dancers and strippers on your desktop
VistaMizer Expansion Pack
Give your XP the Vista look
Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme 1.0
Change the style of your desktop to an Apple desktop style
Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate 2 1.0
Vista theme change for Windows XP
Windows 7 Folder Background Changer 1.1
Make your Explorer’s background your own
Syn Virtual Assistant 8.0
Lets you control your computer using only your voice
3DP Net 18.12
Integrated driver installer
Latest Updates
Exe Icon Changer 201506251911
Change icon of driver, folder, dll, & exe
Flash Screen Saver 201202221911
Flash movies turned into screen saver
Flash Screensaver Maker 201109241911
Package flash movies in one Screen saver.
Flash Screensaver Maker Simple Version 201103301911
Make Screensavers from Flash Files
Program Icon Changer 201103311911
Change The Icon of .EXE Files
TheAeroClock 4.81
A desktop clock with alpha transparency.
Take Command 24.02.44
A useful toolkit designed as an alternative to the Windows’ command line editor.
DesktopOK 6.11
Save and restore the desktop icon positions.
True Launch Bar 7.5.0
Useful shortcut manager for polishing your system
Sharp World Clock 8.5
A World Map Clock Offering Sun & Moon Data
WindowManager 6.5.4
Remember and restore the position and size of your programs, windows or dialogs
EarthView 5.5.32
A dynamic desktop screensaver and wallpaper that shows accurate views of the earth at day and night
PointerStick 3.44
A virtual pointer stick that can be used to enhance your presentations and grab your audience’s attention
AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.61
Hide and show your desktop icons with simple mouse gestures using this incredibly lightweight application
Desktop Restore 1.7.1
Save and restore layout of your desktop icons with this useful tool
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Eye Saver 2.30
Protect your eyes from the effects of sitting hours on end in front of a computer screen with the help of this app that adjusts the light and color settings of your screen
51 / 195
3.3 Mb
FadeTop 3.1.0 Build 171
Have your computer gently remind you when it's time to take a break
73 / 340
0.8 Mb
Classic Color Panel
Effortlessly customize the color settings of the system-level display of Windows
59 / 607
0.3 Mb
Digital Clock 4.7.4
A simple digital desktop clock that comes with various customization options
23 / 752
24.5 Mb
MagicMouseTrails 1.31
Displays a decorative trail after your mouse cursor as you move it around the desktop
3 / 495
0.14 Mb
Alternate Font Export 1.690
Export individual characters from fonts installed on your computer to multiple image formats
4 / 451
1 Mb
Before Dawn 0.10.2
Enjoy various cool effects on the screen
4 / 463
44 Mb
f.lux 4.84
Adjust your computer's color temperature automatically to match your day and light cycles
0 / 72
0.83 Mb
Spews 1.1.3
Automatically rotate the desktop wallpaper in Windows
2 / 110
0.7 Mb
WindowManager 6.5.4
Remember and restore the position and size of your programs, windows or dialogs
18 / 414
0.8 Mb
Uxtheme Multi-patcher 15.0
3rd party visual styles for Windows-based systems
14 / 5,715
5.9 Mb
Alienware Skin Pack 4.0
Alienware graphics software pack for customizing your system
16 / 4,612
28.8 Mb
Redshift Tray 1.6.3
A friendly GUI for Redshift, the well-known screen temperature adjustment application
49 / 2,341
0.5 Mb
Hot Virtual Keyboard
A handy virtual keyboard equipped with a robust collection of features
50 / 1,661
8.5 Mb
Christmas Elf 2.5
Decorate your computer’s desktop for Christmas with wallpapers, various kinds of snow, garlands and more
5 / 408
62.4 Mb
SideSlide 4.2.50
A comprehensive desktop launcher that lets you set a custom working environment
46 / 3,500
1.1 Mb
CareUEyes-blue light filter, screen dimmer 1.1.20
Reduce blue light emissions from your monitor and prevent eye strain
3 / 1,196
1.1 Mb
Green Waterfalls 2.0
A gorgeous, animated, waterfall screensaver that also plays music and sound effects
3 / 7,096
3.5 Mb
Christmas Cards 2.0
An animated Christmas-themed screensaver that features a stunning winter scene and a real-time clock
3 / 7,134
3.6 Mb
Graveyard Party 2.0
A spooky and cool-looking Halloween screensaver for your desktop
2 / 7,098
4.6 Mb
GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D
Extend your desktop and easily navigate in 3D using your mouse
4 / 635
1 Mb
Summer Fresh Screensaver 2.0
A beautiful screensaver featuring pictures of tropical drinks
3 / 473
6.99 Mb
Seanau Icon Toolkit 8.3
A friendly and practical icon combination and edit tool
49 / 1,497
1.63 Mb
magayo WET (Weather, Exchange rate, Time) 1.0.2
A modern and intuitive weather app with animated icons, world time and more
2 / 506
1.4 Mb
Network Icons Pack 1.10
A comprehensive collection of icons designed for network applications
3 / 587
0.98 Mb
e-Counter 5.0.2009
A digital counter application that lets you schedule various actions
0 / 517
2.1 Mb
Transparent Window Manager 3.4
Easily manage windows using this virtual desktop
1 / 632
2.1 Mb
SterJo Weather Forecast 1.0
A free and intuitive app that shows you up to 5 day weather forecasts
4 / 737
0.62 Mb
Email Icons Pack 1.10
Change the look of your website or email client with this awesome email icons pack
3 / 573
0.67 Mb
TL Dual Monitor
View a certain application window or your desktop on another monitor
46 / 1,392
1 Mb