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Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Acrobat Reader 1901020099
View and print PDF files
Nokia Suite 3.8.54
The one and only Nokia desktop application
Apache 4.1.6
Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office
WinDjView 2.1
Fast, compact and powerfull DjVu viewer
Nokia PC Suite
Free applications for Nokia phones
SQL-Splitter: splitting large SQL files
Astah Community (Astah UML) 8.1
Create UML and other types of diagrams with this modern and friendly tool
MDB Viewer Plus 2.63
A viewer plus an editor for Access MDB files
Create PDF files from any printable document
Foxit Reader 9.5.0 Build 20723
PDF document viewer
Latest Updates
Keep track of your personal time with this super convenient and easy to use application
Maple 8.67
Extremely handy and easy to use outliner for creating your own hierarchical trees for storing data
StockMarketEye 5.0.4
Monitor multiple watchlists and portfolios to stay informed with the latest modifications in market shares
GCalToolkit 1.3.1
Power Tools for Google Calendars - remove duplicates, multiple edits & deletes
Altova Authentic Enterprise Edition 2019r3sp1
WYSIWYG XML/database content editor by Altova.
Maple Reader 8.67
A great companion for Maple software users
A productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites.
RV Park 3.5.45
A feature-rich application including all the tools needed to manage a rental business
TopSales Personal 7.62
A comprehensive software solution for sales automation, contact management, document management and more
Netpas Distance 4.0 Build 4048
A powerful software solution that allows you to create tracking vessels and routes
Print2RDP 6.40 Build 429
Simplifies Terminal Server printing on a Remote Desktop Printers.
PDF Split and Merge Basic 4.0.3
Useful tool for splitting and merging of PDF files
TopSales Professional 7.62
A feature rich application to automate sales, manage contacts, documents and more
jGnash 3.1.0
A free and easy to use personal finance manager
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StakePoint 1.35 Build 17.02.0050
Plan and manage complex projects, track progress and assign tasks to employees
3 / 1,073
20.6 Mb
Stockalyze 2018
A free but reliable application for portfolio management and stock analysis
4 / 1,025
9.58 Mb
Speedy Claims CMS 1500
A practical application that lets you quickly fill out CMS 1500 forms
3 / 1,113
40.25 Mb
Forecaster4 4.0.4
A robust application that allows you to organize and manage your retirement and estate planning
3 / 1,059
2.5 Mb
yEd 3.18
Easily create and edit drawings with a comprehensive database of elements
5 / 1,319
35.3 Mb
BrightPay 18.2.3
A versatile payroll software with HMRC recognition suitable for all business environments
3 / 1,148
12.5 Mb
Unicode Blank Chars 1.0
Detect Unicode blank characters using the "System Case Insensitive Locale" rules
4 / 1,335
0.5 Mb
SecureNote 1.1
A secure PIM application that lets you track tasks, take notes, and store addresses and contacts
4 / 1,028
4.6 Mb
iSpring Flip 8.7.0 Build 19015
An intuitive application that enables you to create interactive and modern looking e-learning courses and books out of your documents
3 / 1,254
51.4 Mb
OOo4Kids 1.31r1444 Build 131
An essential version of OpenOffice for children between 7-12 years, with a customizable interface
3 / 1,147
78.1 Mb
FX Equation Cloud 6.002.12
A lightweight text editing tool that can automatically format mathematical equations and differential functions
4 / 1,281
30.4 Mb
VMC Reader Portable 3.65.8011
Access CHM help files and view VMC multimedia libraries
3 / 1,031
30.4 Mb
MoneyView 2.3.2
A practical piece of software that enables you to track your finances
4 / 1,023
1.2 Mb
Scratchboard 25.0
Sort your personal information in a tree-like structure, create bookmarks and quickly locate important items
3 / 1,006
10.9 Mb
OrgFinances 3.0
A simple piece of software that lets you easily manage your home or small business finances
3 / 1,017
16.7 Mb
FX Stat Cloud 4.002.12
A functional application designed as a school statistics package for secondary-level Mathematics students
5 / 1,251
30.4 Mb
TreeLine 3.1.0
A small piece of software that can help you organized important tasks and information
3 / 1,185
22.4 Mb
ClipDiary 5.1
An efficient clipboard manager
4 / 1,194
3.5 Mb
Excel Reports
A useful .NET component that allows developers to add spreadsheet generation functionality to their applications
3 / 1,078
3.2 Mb
QR Code Generator 1.0
Free QR Code generator for windows desktop
3 / 1,084
0.5 Mb
CSV Reports
A lightweight application that allows you to access and modify CSV documents from your computer
3 / 1,095
3 Mb
Rand Model Designer 7.1.4
A comprehensive piece of software that works as an integrated environment for modelling complex dynamical systems
4 / 1,067
14.8 Mb
Simple Home Budget
A feature-rich application that enables you to easily manage your finances
5 / 1,020
3.3 Mb
Exodus 1.51.4
An efficient solution to manage or exchange blockchain or cryptocurrency assets
3 / 1,908
72 Mb
AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 3.29
AllMyNotes Organizer - brilliant notes keeping software
5 / 1,636
4.96 Mb
Easy Access Lite 4.1.7015
A simple manager that allows you to categorize files, URLs and more
3 / 1,231
2 Mb
Amanote 0.9.7 Beta
A useful application that lets you annotate your slides using a rich set of tools
5 / 1,369
71.5 Mb
IoT Developer 3.16
Simulate an Internet of Things developer business over 2 years by using this straightforward application
4 / 1,286
4 Mb
ezPayCheck 2018 (3.8.8)
A finance utility that can be of assistance to small business managers who want to save money by calculating and reporting taxes and deductions on their own
4 / 1,245
4.1 Mb
Synkronizer 11.2 Build 805
Compare, update or synchronize two Excel workbooks or worksheets by relying on this handy add-in that comes with multiple useful functions
3 / 1,054
8.1 Mb