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Ghostery for Firefox 8.3.4
Reveal the invisible web trackers, bugs, pixels and beacons that study your Internet behavior and block them to protect your privacy
0 / 1,064
7.3 Mb
Ghostery for Chrome 8.3.4
Easily detect trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons placed on web pages by Facebook, Google Analytics and other ad networks and data providers.
1 / 421
5.3 Mb
Iridium 2019.04.73
Securely navigate the Internet with a Chromium lookalike browser but that can offer you stricter security options and control over data transmission
42 / 745
87 Mb
TransOver for Chrome 1.46
This Google Chrome extension enables you to quickly translate a phrase from the current web page or view multiple word translations in any language
2 / 779
0.220703 Mb
DuckDuckGo Plus for Firefox 2019.5.29
Search for relevant content on the Internet by using the DuckDuckGo search engine
0 / 637
0.760742 Mb
Chrome Delight 1.0.35
Enhance your New Tab page with stunning time-lapse videos, view weather info and access your favorite websites easily
0 / 888
0.172852 Mb
Google Input Tools
A useful extension that allows you to use multiple languages for entering text on the websites that you visit by selecting the keyboard from the address bar button
2 / 1,119
0.657227 Mb
AM-DeadLink 4.8
Check bookmarks and favorites for dead links with this application that features a built-in browser and a duplicate finding tool
1 / 833
2.2 Mb
ImTranslator for Chrome 15.25
Translate text, words, and webpages with the help of this useful and unobtrusive Chrome extension that comes with support for more than 100 languages
1 / 1,216
2 Mb
Dark Reader for Chrome 4.7.6
Protect your sight and prevent eye straining while browsing the Internet
0 / 1,143
0.6 Mb
Grammarly for Firefox 8.852.2307
Enhance your spelling, grammar, and writing style
0 / 585
5.9 Mb
Grammarly for Chrome 14.916.2331
Check for spelling errors directly from your Google Chrome browser
0 / 1,063
10 Mb
Shortcuts for Google 20.2.18
A simple but useful browser add-on that allows you to create a menu with the Google service shortcuts that you need to access frequently
19 / 1,120
0.893555 Mb
Turn Off the Lights for Chrome
A Chrome extension that enables you to enjoy your online movies and videos by dimming the background using numerous customization options
0 / 1,005
5.5 Mb
Avast Online Security for Chrome 19.2.282
Collects information about the current web page and shows the level of security
2 / 822
0.564453 Mb
Custom Cursor for Chrome 2.0.8
Customize your Chrome cursor using a collection of various shapes and sizes
3 / 467
2.1 Mb
Netcraft Anti-Phishing 1.13.1
A very good anti-phising solution for your favourite browser
2 / 529
0.651367 Mb
MEGA for Chrome 3.49.1
Conveniently improve both the performance levels and the overall security while using the Mega online storage platform with the help of this Chrome extension
2 / 402
6.1 Mb
Videostream for Google Chromecast 2.18.905.1
Stream numerous types of media files to Chromecast and AndroidTV via the Google Chrome browser
2 / 1,044
22.9 Mb
History Viewer 5.1
A practical application that lets you view your browser history
3 / 1,073
1.6 Mb
ieSpell 2.6.4 Build 573
A browser add-on for Internet Explorer designed to check the spelling of text entered on web pages
2 / 1,499
2 Mb
Session Manager
A handy Firefox add-on that lets you save browsing sessions and restore them with a click of the mouse
3 / 815
0.533203 Mb
HTTP Analyzer 1.06
Real-time monitoring of HTTP/HTTPS traffic
0 / 970
1.2 Mb
Firemin 6.2.3 Build 5060
Get rid of memory leaks in Firefox with this simple tool
4 / 1,583
1.6 Mb
Trend Micro SafeGuard for Windows 8
Ensures you don’t access websites infected with malicious code
1 / 1,025
5.8 Mb
Auslogics Browser Care
Easily customize your Internet Settings
1 / 1,356
11.5 Mb
Flagfox for Firefox 6.1.15
Reveal the physical location of a server and check its security with this handy and reliable extension for Firefox
9 / 1,914
0.828125 Mb
Google Hangouts 2019.411.420.3
Instant messaging Google Chrome Add-on for Google+
4 / 6,531
0.655273 Mb
Ant Video Downloader 4.3
You can download videos from websites
2 / 10,610
2.6 Mb
NoScript for Firefix 10.6.2
A handy Firefox add on that gives you the opportunity to choose exactly which Java applications and scripts you trust
5 / 3,989
0.4 Mb