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Cat God vs Sun King: Massive amount of action with a hint of strategy and voila!

Some of the best flash games out there often prove to be successful combinations of two or more game categories. This is the case of Cat God vs Sun King, the latest game created by Nerdook that managed to stand up in the crowd as soon as we laid our eyes on it. Read More »

Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7…a must for everyone!

The guys from Lifehacker created a very useful compilation of really need to know about Windows 7. The guide includes tips, tricks, features, useful notes, hardware and many other things you really need to take a peek at. Did you know half the new things Windows 7 is capable of? Lifehacker’s complete guide will shed a light over your desktop, in minutes. Read More »

Lunascape: The fastest web browser?

The browser war is far from over, the main battle being disputed over JavaScript supremacy. I don’t know about you, but when I think browsers I think about Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, being the 3 top contenders. Ya, I don’t think about IE at all..moving along. Somebody told me, “Lunascape is the fastest browser in the world man!” After I killed the guy, I decided to take a look, I hate people dying in vain…so..let’s see. Read More »

Windows xKill: Force close any not responding/frozen applications

We all encountered situation when Windows applications gone wild and stopped respinding or got frozen. If that wasn’t enough, Windows couldn’t close them for uknown reasons and we got stuck with frozen windows or not responding error messages. xKill is an application ported from Linux that does exactly what we desire at this point, killing applications that Windows can’t close. Read More »

Crack RAR passwords with Rar Pass Finder

We all know that any archive can be protected using a password and RAR isn’t an exception. However, there are some scenarios when we securely archive some top secret documents or very personal files, but after many months/years, we forget the password and the files aren’t accesible anymore. Of course you can try different password combinations, from your family, birth dates, girl names and all that but most of the time, you won’t succeed. Read More »

5 Most Wanted iPhone applications of 2008

So, 2008 ended and here we are in 2009, an interesting year on the software market or so we like to think. The iPhone is still the no 1 gadget and the application store is filled with applications of all sorts. It’s time to see which applications we consider to be the best for the iPhone/iPod Touch and I assure you, this wasn’t easy. We limited our list to 5 applications and after hours of in-house debating, we reached a ... Read More »

Windows 7 Beta download will be available at the start of January

Several websites have reported a Windows 7 Beta download link appeared on the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription Page (MAPS). Unfortunately, Microsoft pulled it out shorter after the ‘leak’, but as you can see, screenshots were already taken so..BUSTED! Sources also stated that the Windows 7 Beta is ready for a while now, it’s just a matter of time until we can download it. Read More »

How To: Extract MP3 from SWF with SWF Rip

Many users encounter flash files on the web that have a good song or just a  music bit they like. In most cases, the music embedded in the flash files are mp3 objects that can be extracted. There are many ways to extract mp3 files from swf, but we will choose the easiest method which usess a 3rd party application. SWF Rip is a freeware application that does exactly what it says, it rips objects from swf files. The software ... Read More »

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