Friday , 28 July 2017

Request a Review

For Software Developers

if you want your software to be reviewed by our Editors, please read the following guidelines:

– Please use this contact form or send us an email at with detailed informations such as: company ( name, contact info, website and additional informations about your company if needed ), product ( name, product page with download link, purpose(s) and pricing ). The informations provided will be used in the review process. Contact or sensitive informations will not be displayed publicly.

– For shareware, demo or trial products, you can include a registration key for a better review process. While this can also speed up the review, including a registration key will provide our Editors with the full set of options and features, for a more accurate review. The registration key will not be provided publicly or given to any 3rd parties.

By requesting a review, you also agree that our Editors may contact you for further questions regarding your product.

For General Software Users

If you are a software user and you wish to request a review, please contact us via email at or using the contact form. Please provide us with the software name, category and download link(s). You will be contacted by our Editors when the review is completed.

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