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WX Video Tutorial Maker: Record tutorials with ease

WX Video Tutorial Maker Main

Have you ever wanted to record something in your computer or in your webcam? WX Video Tutorial Maker is a freeware application that is aimed specifically at people who want to create tutorials on their PCs or from their cameras with a simple solution. Installation & Requirements The installer is a very cluttered, owing to the fact that the developers have decided to include two languages side by side which can make things very confusing. Thankfully the “Install Now” button ... Read More »

trayTrix: A handy system tray launcher

trayTrix Main

trayTrix is a launcher that allows you to start your favorite applications, visit your saved links, search the web and more via its system tray icon. The application is offered as shareware, meaning that the user can try it for free but has to purchase a license to lift various limitations. Installation & Requirements The installation really is quite standard with all the usual suspects like opting for shortcuts and Start entries. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, ... Read More »

Sys Optimizer: Clean and improve your system

Sys Optimizer Main

Sys Optimizer aims to improve your system’s performance with a variety of functions, including ones that clean up system and browser temporary files and other more dedicated performance-boosting tools. The application is offered entirely free of charge. Installation & Requirements The program’s installation is very quick, owing to the small file size but it misses some important elements like the option to create desktop shortcuts. Still, the whole process is pretty much over after accepting the EULA agreement which is ... Read More »

sRemote: Control your PC via email

sRemote Main

There are multiple ways to control your computer remotely and sRemote aims to put a twist into that. By connecting your Gmail account to the program, you can actually send commands via e-mail and control various parts of your PC through it. Installation & Requirements There is no installation required for the application. Download the archive, extract the contents in a desired location in your PC and run the sRemote executable file. You will need a Gmail account for this ... Read More »

Norton Removal Tool: Remove Norton leftovers

Norton Removal Tool Start

Norton Removal Tool is a tiny application that can scan your computer for any traces of various Norton programs, including the main antivirus one and the various utilities it encompasses. The program is provided by the company free of charge. Installation & Requirements There is no installation necessary for the application as it is an uninstaller of sorts by itself. The application supports most versions of Windows, considering that you need to have a Norton product installed in your PC ... Read More »

Font Previewer for Windows 8: View fonts on the spot

Font Previewer for Windows 8 Main

Font Previewer for Windows 8 is a simple freeware application that allows you to quickly and easily preview a variety of different fonts in your PC. Installation & Requirements As the name would suggest, the application is only available in Windows 8x. If you click the link on our website while on a Windows 8x PC, you will be taken to the application’s store page where you can easily install it. There are no additional requirements for the program to ... Read More »

Face Capturix: Photo recognition in your PC

Face Capturix Main

Face Capturix is an application that wants to make photo searching easy but also intuitive by using artificially intelligent algorithms in order to search for photos with faces in your computer. The demo version will only show the first 10 results but is otherwise fully featured. Installation & Requirements The user can choose between various options, including the type of the installation, namely full, basic or custom. You can also choose to run the application in the system tray when ... Read More »

Snaked Shutdown Control: Gain control over your system’s shutdowns

Snaked Shutdown Control Main

Snaked Shutdown Control is a simple application that is designed to help users control when their system performs shutdown functions like rebooting or turning off completely. The application is provided entirely free of charge. Installation & Requirements There is no installation required for the application. Download the archive, extract it anywhere you want in your computer and run the executable file provided. Depending on your security settings, you might have to allow the program through your filters. You will also ... Read More »

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