Friday , 28 July 2017


NetMail-Light: A local e-mail client

NetMail-Light Main

When you are in a local network, especially in an office setting, you need something to communicate quickly. NetMail-Light offers a service that serves that exact purpose with e-mails and messaging features integrated into the package. The program is free for up to three users. Installation & Requirements Before the actual installation starts, you will have to choose a language, both for the setup and the application. You will also have the option to create shortcuts. The application should theoretically ... Read More »

Universal Document Converter: Easily convert your documents

Converting your documents is a lot of hassles and you usually have to use multiple products to ensure the best results. Universal Document Converter, however, provides a single platform for all of your conversion needs. A demo version of the program is offered for free. Installation & Requirements The installation should complete very fast on any computer. You will have various options during the setup so be sure to read them. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000 and later ... Read More »

OroTimeSheet: Manage the time of your projects

Keeping track of the time  you or your employees have been spending on your projects does not need to be hard. OroTimeSheet lets you handle things like time and expenses management with ease. Installation & Requirements There are a few things to keep in mind during the setup. First of all, you have to decide the mode you want to install. IF you plan on using it only for yourself you should choose the default stand-alone mode. If you want ... Read More »

AnyCount: Counts words, characters, lines and other units

Translators and article writers, but not only, may find a word counting application such as AnyCount to be extremely useful. The program doesn’t count just words. It also counts characters, lines, pages and even lets you create custom units. Read More »

MyClip: Quick access to frequently used portions of text

Bloggers, writers, journalists and anyone that frequently works with text would benefit from a simple, free clipboard manager such as MyClip. While it was definitely created as a user-friendly tool, MyClip offers plenty of options besides a clipboard history that allows anyone to switch between multiple chunks of text. Read More »

Notezilla: Your endless pile of desktop sticky notes

Let’s face it: using paper sticky notes to remember things is something that lots of people do. Sadly, when their number gets too high, besides a messy desk you may not even find the ones you’re looking for or at least waste lots of time doing it. Notezilla offers the virtual alternative of the classic paper sticky notes, but with additional customization, management and sorting options that can prevent unwanted clutter on your computer screen. Read More »

Holiline Reminder: Makes sure you don’t miss out on anything

A simple and free event notification program such as Holiline Reminder can ensure that you never forget anything important, from birthdays and weddings to a dentist appointment. Why write things down or try to remember everything when an application can do it for you and display notifications in a visible yet unobtrusive manner? Read More »

PrimoPDF: From document to PDF file in a snap

PrimoPDF is a free, small application that comes as a simple, effortless solution to easily convert any printable document into a PDF file. While this particular program doesn’t come with extras, it provides everything one could require for the moderate PDF conversion need. Read More »

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