Friday , 28 July 2017


Tungsten: An efficient web browser

Tungsten Vertical Split

Tungsten is a web browser alternative to the big names in the field with a twist since it allows users to create groups of tabs stacked together to ensure that you can have access to as much information as possible at any point. Installation & Requirements The browser’s installation is fairly standard although there is surprisingly no option to set it as the default browser during the setup. The supported operating systems are Windows 7 and Windows 8x. Interface Most ... Read More »

PrivDog: Ad-blocking and privacy secured

PrivDog Stats

PrivDog is a simple application that blocks advertisements and protects your privacy from malicious users around the web. While it is usually bundled in with other applications, PrivDog is a fully featured add-on that is completely free as well. Installation & Requirements The exact installation process for the app depends on the browser you are going to use but it should be very fast and without issues. The add-on works in most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox. Interface ... Read More »

Torrent Swapper: A social P2P client

Torrent Swapper Main

Although P2P programs automatically bring to mind piracy and illegal software distribution, the developers of Torrent Swapper want to change that. Their aim is to provide a free platform where people can interact with each other and share content as well as receive recommendations based on similar likes. Installation & Requirements The only thing you need to pay attention to during the setup is the default association of .torrent files with the program. If you use other torrent clients, it ... Read More »

LinkStash: A personalized bookmarks manager

LinkStash Main

LinkStash is a bookmarks and favorites manager that promises to be your one-stop for all of your link saving needs. The program is offered on a trial period of 30 days, after which a license must be purchased if you want to keep using it. Installation & Requirements The setup is quite comprehensive, offering quite a lot of options to the user. The installation lets you choose between the full and portable versions, a very welcome option. You can also ... Read More »

Fast Dial: Personalize new tabs

Fast Dial

Fast Dial is a completely free extension for Firefox that will replace the blank new tab page with bookmarks that you can customize with all of your favourite websites and images. Installation & Requirements Simply download and install the add-on. If Firefox is open, you will need to restart it but you should automatically get a prompt for that. The only requirement for the application is obviously to have a Firefox browser. Other extensions that are related to new tabs ... Read More »

MicroSIP: Free VoIP calls

MicroSIP Dialpad

Although programs that offer VoIP calls are pretty common nowadays, not all of them offer good services. MicroSIP is one of the few that can boast high quality calls via the SIP protocol, absolutely free of charge for computer calls and at low cost for international ones. Installation & Requirements The setup for the program is very basic, although you are provided with the option to make the application run on the startup of Windows. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and ... Read More »

ZoloPages: Turn websites into databases

ZoloPages Capturing

ZoloPages is a freeware web scraping program that aims to make the whole process of gathering data from websites extremely easy. Installation & Requirements The program’s custom installer is no different than what you have come to expect. Clicking Next will do the trick but no desktop shortcuts will be created unfortunately. The application supports all Windows versions starting from Windows XP. Interface The application is designed around simplicity. A thing to note here is that the application cannot really ... Read More »

Torch Browser: Powerful Chromium browser

Torch Browser Main

Torch Browser is a web browser focused on media files and social sharing that aims to provide a whole different experience than other popular browsers. As a Chromium project, the browser is completely free. Installation & Requirements As is the norm with browser installations, Torch will be set as the default browser as well as the default torrent client unless you uncheck the options manually which should not be hard to do. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP2-Windows ... Read More »

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