Friday , 28 July 2017

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How to: Enable file-selection using checkboxes in Windows Vista, 7 and 8

Selecting files and folders is one of those tasks that every computer user has to do, but the regular Ctrl and Shift selection methods can become quite annoying when you’re managing lots of files. There is another way to do that, which can be particularly useful when you’re selecting only specific files/folders from a large list. Read More »

How To: Download & Install the old Yahoo! Messenger sounds

Yahoo! Messenger is and was my default messenger for about 10 years now, it was my first IM and I use it to this day. However, the new YM changed quite a bit (for the better in most parts), but sadly, I don’t really like the new sound files. So if you’re like me, you probably want to keep the new YM but bundled with the old sounds…right? Fear not, the process is very simple and you can download and ... Read More »

How To: Clean your mouse & keyboard without unplugging them

So you prepared everything you need to clean up those overused input devices of yours and realized you have to either shut down your computer or crouch under a dusty desk to unplug them? Read More »

How To: Burn Data Across Multiple CD or DVD Discs Using Disc Spanning

Ever needed to burn a large amount of data on CD/DVD  and it took you a lot of time because you had to organize and distribute the files to fill each dvd? Using software that supports the technique called Disc Spanning you don’t have to worry about that no more. Disc Spanning allows you to burn a large amount of data on multiple discs without having to worry about organizing the files on each disc. There are several programs that ... Read More »

How To: Add Tabbed Browsing to Explorer in Windows 7

Ever had cases when you had to move files from one folder to another in Windows Explorer and you had to always switch between windows? You could make your life easier with a feature called tabbed browsing. This feature is the same as the one found in Web Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc, which helps alot when dealing with multiple windows and helps you keep it organised. In the latest versions of Windows like Vista and 7, ... Read More »

How To: Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive to install Windows

There are cases when Windows cannot be installed on a computer or notebook because the CD/DVD drive isn’t working or it doesn’t exist at all. Still, there is another way to do it without this drive, and this article will show you how to install Windows XP/Vista/7/8 using a USB flash drive. We will show you here how to setup an USB flash drive to become bootable and have the desired operating system setup files on it. To do this, ... Read More »

How To: Save Your Desktop Icon Layout in Windows XP/Vista/7

Have you ever had a clean desktop icon layout and it was ruined because of a software or game that had a smaller screen resolution? In this article we will show you how to save and restore your desktop icon layout so you won’t be surprised by this issue when it happens. To be able to do this correctly on all of these operating systems you will need a free software that can help you with this problem. After numerous ... Read More »

How To: Change Windows Explorer Startup Folder in Windows 7

Upon opening Windows Explorer under Windows 7, by default it opens the Libraries view. In this article we will show you how to change that startup folder to another location like My Computer or My Documents. The Windows Explorer can be opened using the button pinned by default on the Windows 7 taskbar or by accessing it via Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer. You might preffer using your Windows Explorer to open other folders by default ... Read More »

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