Saturday , 24 June 2017

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Upcoming iPhone OS 2.2 Beta 2 new features

Apple has added some long waited features in its next OS 2.2 update, but also some new improvements. The rumored Google Maps “street view” can be found within the iPhone 2.2 update along with the “public transit directions” and the new “location sharing” feature. While the “street view” feature within Google Maps is enough to make everybody drool waiting for the new iPhone firmware, the public transit feature is a very good addition in this update. iPhone owners will be ... Read More »

Google Earth 1.0.0 for iPhone launched

If you ever dreamed on bringing the power of Google Earth in your pocket, we have some good news, Google Earth is not available for your iPhone. You can visit any country or landscape on your iPhone’s screen but beware, iPhone screen tilting gives you a certain Google Earth addiction. You may never want to use Google Earth on your desktop computer! Read More »

How To: Disable Flip 3D in Windows Vista

I personally find the Flip 3D feature in Windows Vista pretty useless in every aspect, but I found some individuals that loved this feature. The Flip 3D is much slower than…everything and in my opinion, it’s very ugly. If you don’t know what Flip 3D is, you can use it by pressing winkey+tab, but I assure you, you didn’t missed anything. Read More »

Firefox Minefield: the future of Mozilla Firefox

If you thought Mozilla Firefox 3 was fast, you don’t have any idea. Presenting Minefield, the fastest browser on the planet, courtesy of, well, Mozilla. Although Mozilla’s Minefiled is an alpha version, it left all browsers in the dust speed wise. Some reports show that Minefield is around 10-15% faster than Google Chrome, having the fastest javascript engine out there. Read More »

Gmail for Mobile 2.0 launched: Blackberry and J2ME

The Gmail for mobile team just released the Gmail for Mobile 2.0 version for Blackberry and J2ME supported phones. The aim of this new version is to bring more speed and reliability within the new Gmail application. “We rearchitected the entire client to push all the processing to the background, greatly improve the client-side caching scheme and optimize every bottleneck piece of code we came across.”, Derek Phillips, Software Engineer for Google mobile team. Read More »

Firefox for Mobile launched: Codename ‘Fennec’

Probably the most expected mobile browser of the year, Firefox for Mobile enters Alpha 1 and goes publicly. Firefox for Mobile, also codenamed Fennec, promises to the THE browser and comes with the Firefox power. Now, if you are rushing to search for it and install it, i have bad news, the Fennec Alpha 1 is aimed at Nokia N810 and N800 Internet tablet users, for now. ( installation instructions ) Read More »

Download Opera Mobile’s second beta: Symbian UIQ ready!

While some people think that Opera was launched as a response to Firefox for Mobile, the reality is that Opera Mobile was launched somewhere in 2000, being one of the first browsers for mobiles. Today, the Opera Mobile browser got its second Beta, which brings the Symbian UIQ compatibility. Yes, you heard it right, the Opera Mobile browser can be installed on Symbian UIQ without a problem. Read More »

Javascript testing: Improvments for Chrome and Firefox 3.1

The guys from CNET decided to test the most popualar browsers using the SunSpider speed test. They choosed the recent Beta versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE8 and also including the latest Safari. While this chart is pretty obvious, Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 is the fastest of them all, with Chrome following him closely. Read More »

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