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DriverPack Solution: Create a bootable DVD to install and update drivers offline

Keeping drivers up to date or installing all the ones you need after a fresh Windows re-install are some very time consuming tasks. Also, novice users might be at risk of installing outdated versions and even the wrong drivers, which can affect the system’s performance and stability. DriverPack Solution is an open-source application that can automatically install and/or update the drivers you need in an offline environment, using its rich driver database. Read More »

Dexclock: See the time & date on a great looking wallpaper

If you’re using a gadget or app to show the current time or you’re simply not satisfied with the minuscule version offered by Windows in the taskbar, give Dexclock a try. This free application lets you set special wallpapers as your desktop background. They don’t just look great, they also show the current date and time. Read More »

X-Mouse Button Control: Contextual mouse buttons mapping for increased functionality

If you feel like your mouse doesn’t have enough buttons, X-Mouse Button Control was designed to put them to better use. This free application allows contextual mapping of the mouse buttons, so they can have different functions in different environments (applications, windows…etc.). Read More »

BatteryCare: Minimize the wear of your laptop battery

Laptop owners need to do more than optimizing the system and cleaning junk files. Keeping the battery in good shape is equally important. BatteryCare is a free program that allows you to extend the life of your laptop’s battery, offering a simple way to manage it and reduce power consumption while the laptop is unplugged. Moreover, it delivers useful information concerning battery technical specifications and damage prevention. Read More »

ScreenBlur: Lock your screen, protect your privacy

If you want to make sure nobody can see or access your desktop, ScreenBlur delivers an elegant and very simple solution. This free application lets you easily blackout the screen and lock the desktop by simply pressing a hotkey. The access cannot be regained without typing the password. Read More »

NexusImage: Lightweight, portable image viewer

While there are a lot of image viewers available, most of them are bloated with features that go far beyond the intended purpose. Also, a good image viewer should have simple navigation controls and a clean UI that lets you look at your pictures without distractions. NexusImage is a free image viewer, with a modern, intuitive UI, that makes it very easy to browse through pictures without any settings required. Read More »

LastActivityView: See what your PC has been up to

LastActivityView is a free utility that can display a log of events and user actions that took place on your Windows computer. The application lists a large number of activities, such as running executables, installing software, opening files and folders, system and application crashes, open and save dialogs, blue screens and many others. Read More »

RadioTuna: The easiest way to listen to free Internet radio

While the concept of radio is quite old, there are still many radio fans out there. Lots of online radio applications are available, but few have such an extensive list of radio stations and are extremely easy to use at the same time. RadioTuna is a free application with an intuitive interface that lets users choose their favorite online radio stations from hundreds available. Read More »

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