Saturday , 24 June 2017

How To: Save flash videos in Linux

flash_linuxI’m not a Linux power user myself, but I have Linux installed on several rigs and this thought crossed my mind several times, but without any conclusion being too lazy. Saving flash movies locally is very useful especially when you want to view it again later or share it with friends when they come by your home. Fortunately, I’ve found a similar article via How-To Geek and I have decided to share it with you.

First of all, you need to go to the site where the desireed movie is located, let’s say YouTube and let the flash movie load itself in full ( when the buffer is at 100% ). After that, you need to go to Filesystem/tmp and look for a file that has the “flash” word at the start, as in the attached screenshot. You can then copy paste the file at any location locally, rename it and play it later with your favorite video player.

Easy hmm?

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  • Joan

    Amazing! Easy as ABC! Thanks!

  • Joan

    Amazing! Easy as ABC! Thanks!

  • Yvan Dubois

    Not working anymore after a system update (on my arch system at least…)

  • Einstein

    not working anymore on any linux system. to make it easy, just get an older version linux live cd e.g. version 9.04, boot it up in the live mode, start firefox, download the flash plugin and there you go. till the end of your session, you can do it the good old and easy way.

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