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AVG Anti-Virus Definitions April 28, 2017
Latest AVG virus signatures
1,528 / 503,012
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 17.3.3443
Good free antivirus solution
248 / 82,127
AVG Internet Security 17.2.3419
Total protection for your PC
116 / 10,595
AVG PC Tuneup
You already know how AVG can protect you online. Now we take that expertise one step further by fixing problems that slow you down.
18 / 1,466
AVG Ultimate
A comprehensive protection software suite designed to monitors the security status of multiple computers and mobile devices
8 / 468
AVG Performance
An effective tool to significantly improve the performance of your PC, Mac and Android devices
7 / 548
AVG Protection Free 2016.131.7924
A trustworthy and free security solution to safeguard your computers and devices against digital threats
6 / 199
AVG Protection Pro 2016.131.7924
A comprehensive security software suite for Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android devices
5 / 130
AVG Anti-Virus Professional 16.111.7797
Superior Anti-Virus Protection
27 / 4,712
AVG Rescue CD 120.160420
A powerful toolset for rescue & repair of infected machines.
22 / 3,060
AVG LinkScanner 2015.0.6140
Protection Against Online Threats In Real Time
10 / 3,494
AVG Premium Security 2014 Build 4716a7754
The only premium security software that actively seeks out identity theft.
34 / 1,241
I-Worm/Bugbear.C Remover 0.95
A useful utility that cleans the I-Worm/Bugbear.C virus from your computer.
10 / 329
I-Worm/Ganda Remover 0.93
Easily remove the I-Worm/Ganda virus from your system.
6 / 293
Win32/Elkern Remover
Clean the Elkern virus from your PC in a flash with this tool.
7 / 229
Win32/Kriz Remover
A small but efficient application for cleaning the Win32/Kriz virus
7 / 216
Win32/Valla.2048 Remover 0.9
A useful tool for cleaning the Win32/Valla.2048 virus from your computer
9 / 257
Win32/Vampiro Remover
A useful tool for erasing the Win32/Vampiro virus from your PC.
9 / 218
Win32/Prepender Remover
Clean the Win32/Prepender virus from your computer with this small utility.
8 / 239
Virus Remover for Win32/Slugin
This is the removal utility for the Win32/Slugin virus.
9 / 285
Win32/Alman Remover
Download the two files ( rmalman.exe, rmalman.nt ) and run the rmalman.exe file.
13 / 279
Win32/Gaelicum Remover
A lightweight application designed to erase the Win32/Gaelicum worm.
8 / 221
Win32/Mabezat Remover
If you have an infected computer connected to a LAN, you need it to unplug from the LAN, and re-connect again in the moment when all computers are clean.
9 / 263
Win32/Parite Remover
When the worm is launched it finds suitable executable files with EXE or SCR extension on all accessible disk drives and infects them.
13 / 330
Win32/Tanatos Remover
If you have infected computer connected to a LAN, you need it to unplug from the LAN, and re-connect again in the moment when all computers are clean.
8 / 273
AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2013.p.3272
AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition gives you light, effective protection that is as agile as your business.
7 / 294
Win32/Delf.2.B Remover Final
A useful utility for cleaning the Win32/Delf.2.B virus from your PC.
10 / 280
Win32/Virut Remover
A useful tool for cleaning the Virut virus
82 / 26,936
Win32/Sality Remover
Delete the Win32/Sality virus
283 / 130,521