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New Software Releases
Easyboost Photo Print
Created personalized image layouts, correct, crop and edit photos, then print them easily, with this intuitive piece of software
5 / 5
24.5 MB
VIRUSfighter 7.5.155
An antivirus software that provides protection against various threats, cleans up viruses and runs discreetly in the background
8 / 8
2.3 MB
Wox 1.2.882
Quickly launch applications from your computer, navigate to various locations and even access URLs by turning to this comprehensive utility
4 / 4
15.7 MB
SmartSHOW 3D 8.0
A straightforward and professional program that helps you to create professional photo slideshow with music, 3D animations and effects
4 / 4
92.3 MB
Sticker 3.1.1
Send or receive chat messages and read news with this tickertape software that offers multiple message tapes and features a non-obtrusive interface
5 / 5
4.1 MB
Comic Life 3.5.2
Create comic books from scratch or rely on one of the various templates with this powerful application that comes with multiple customization features
4 / 4
79.8 MB
WriteYours 0.04 Alpha 4 Build 16
Types in frequently used text pieces for you, allowing the association of keystrokes with whole phrases, all to help you type faster and improve productivity
15 / 36
0.3 MB
StarUML 2.7.0
Get all the tools needed for software engineering purposes by relying on this full-featured and powerful unified modeling language tool
16 / 30
47.7 MB
Qt Clipper
Seamlessly copy the text content of the clipboard via a simple double click so that you can use it in your other projects with this app
26 / 60
6.1 MB
nn-search 2.0
A compact tool designed to analyze text documents in order to find relevant words or phrases by using advanced criteria and expressions
12 / 31
23.7 MB
Remotely view and control numerous IP cameras from the same window by relying on this lightweight application that packs several useful features
13 / 34
42.7 MB
Tkabber 1.1.2-20150510
Chat with your friends or coworkers with the help of this lightweight and Tcl/TK-based Jabber/XMMP instant messaging application
13 / 33
6.7 MB
HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI
Use UEFI based hardware diagnostics on your HP computer to find out if the system is working properly
13 / 39
21.9 MB
GoPro App 1.3.0
Easily offload and manage your GoPro videos and photos
13 / 36
181 MB
Not My Fault
Intentionally cause system crashes by simulating a memory leak, stack overflow, IRQL fault or Deadlock
13 / 39
0.3 MB
Emsisoft Clean 1.3
A removal tool that lets you uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security when the default uninstaller doesn’t work
12 / 35
0.7 MB
Strater 4.8.1800
A robust application for geology analysis that lets you create and customize projects with cross sections and stratigraphic views
13 / 40
55 MB
Multi-Page TIFF Editor
Create TIFF or TIF files with this feature-rich application
14 / 47
17.8 MB
ANLAV Antivirus 2.1.1
Protect your PC against viruses and malware using this small and portable tool
11 / 50
1.7 MB
WX Smart Desktop X1
A desktop alternative packed with features and options you can customize
14 / 44
4 MB
Mass Project Folder Creator 5.00
Create multiple folders and subfolders, based on an existing structure, which you may duplicate, rename and save
11 / 42
1 MB
WhosIP 1.15
A simple tool that lets you scan IP addresses using Whois
10 / 41
0.03 MB
A streamlined launcher you can use to store app shortcuts and keep your desktop clean
11 / 47
0.6 MB
Edit++ 2016 1.2
A text and code editing tool with a multi-tabbed interface and support for various programming languages
11 / 51
35 MB
Project Consistency Manager 7.00
Organize files and folders in an efficient manner and batch perform various actions
11 / 50
1.1 MB
Inquist 3.0
A small and useful tool that lets you quickly perform multiple mathematical calculations, generate graphs and print the results
9 / 41
2.7 MB
EmEditor Professional 15.9.0
A powerful text editor with numerous features like Unicode support, advanced search, code snippets and others
14 / 63
5.1 MB
Software Update
A powerful and functional application that provides available updates for all your installed programs
8 / 35
5 MB
Dashcam Viewer 2.0.5
A complete dashcam video analysis software with a modern GUI and a robust collection of features
12 / 62
44.6 MB
Globus VPN Browser 48.0.2564.111
Anonymously browse the Web and unlock restricted content
6 / 39
45.7 MB
TntDrive 3.8.3
Easily map Amazon S3 accounts as local drives for fast access with this reliable tool
12 / 80
3.7 MB
Vextractor 6.91
Convert raster images into vector file types using powerful yet intuitive tools
6 / 38
3 MB
MoveToDesktop 1.2
Quickly move active apps and windows between desktops on Windows 10
8 / 43
0.03 MB
BezierDraw 1.52
Create complex geometric designs and shapes you can edit in real time
11 / 50
0.1 MB
Nero Wave Editor 14.0.0050
Record and edit audio files using various filter and sound optimization methods
15 / 82
2.44 MB
Aml Pages Portable Edition 9.72
Aml Pages keeps all your notes, information, web pages, passwords, and etc
6 / 68
4.75 MB
Reflector 2.5.0
A friendly program that lets you stream content to your desktop using AirPlay from your iOS device
14 / 120
45.9 MB
HomeGuard Pro 2.4
Monitor web activity, and block inappropriate content for network connected computers
12 / 80
4.4 MB
dotNet Protector 6.0.5948.17343
Prevent your assemblies from being decompiled using this complete .NET code protection system
12 / 102
5.4 MB
HomeGuard 2.4.1
Keep track of your home computer activity with this reliable tool
12 / 96
3.7 MB
M3 RAW Drive Recovery 5.5.1
A functional utility that lets you easily recover lost or accidentally deleted data from damaged RAW drives and NTFS partitions
8 / 63
3.4 MB
Scaramouche Touch Editor 2.1
A small text editing tool that is used in a new tab of an HTML5-compatible web browser
6 / 52
0.3 MB
Graphic Equalizer Studio 2016
Graphic Equalizer in realtime, integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhance
12 / 62
7.71 MB
Sidebar Diagnostics 3.3.7
View comprehensive system and hardware information on your desktop
8 / 60
2.8 MB
Budget Calendar 1.9.980
Track your income and expenditures with this streamlined and reliable tool
6 / 59
14 MB
CaesiumPH 0.9.5 Beta
A useful tool that lets you batch compress JPEG files by reducing up to 20-22% of their original size
7 / 57
17.7 MB
Click4Time eScheduling 4.1.1
Click4Time free award winning eScheduling online appointment booking software
13 / 80
5.78 MB
Hash Suite 3.3
Test the strength of your Windows account passwords with various password-hash based test cases
12 / 79
16.9 MB
Altova DiffDog Professional Edition 2016r2
Altova DiffDog 2016 is the powerful diff / merge tool for files and folders.
6 / 38
32.4 MB
A robust tool that allows you to protect your applications against software cracking
14 / 120
9.8 MB