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New Software Releases
Create wireframes, mockups or prototypes for web-based, mobile and desktop applications, so as to offer a preview to customers and other team members
1 / 1
83.8 MB
Macrorit Disk Scanner 3.2.1
Find out whether your hard disk security and integrity are at risk due to bad sectors so you can take the appropriate actions with this tool
0 / 0
13.6 MB
Andy 46.16 Revision 58
An Android emulator that makes it possible to install and run Android applications on your computer without too much hassle or effort
2 / 2
462 MB
iMyFone Umate Pro
Free up valuable disk space on your iOS device, permanently delete erased files and get rid of private data, with this handy application
2 / 2
26.5 MB
Medley 0.9.0
Save your code snippets, code blocks and even to-do lists, and other types of notes with the help of this modern and stylish Electron-based app
1 / 1
37.3 MB
Avira Optimization Suite
Combining a powerful antivirus and a system optimization application, this suite of tools can enhance the performance of your computer and protect it from malware
2 / 2
4.4 MB
Vrap 0.2
Play and view 360 degree pictures and videos with the help of this streamlined and quite versatile, cross-platform piece of software
5 / 5
69.8 MB
Screen scissors
Take screenshots of certain areas of your desktop, highlight various items using a simple drawing tool and upload your images, with this portable utility
7 / 7
1.3 MB
Modern-looking application which enables you to capture multiple pictures at a time with your web camera, so as to create animations
6 / 6
23.5 MB
FocusOn Image Viewer 1.2
Preview, organize, edit and manage the digital photos you store on your local drivers quickly and effortlessly using this software solution
4 / 4
3.9 MB
Seed4.Me 1.0.4
Access websites and services that are not available in your area or secure your connection to protect your data and privacy using this tool
5 / 5
11.6 MB
Explore and manage the files on your computer or access your favorite websites and online services using this 2-in-1 software solution
5 / 11
1 MB
What Watch 4.1 Build 101 [5]
Get a taste of what an astrology expert delves into with this complex tool and examine all sorts of information packed in wheel charts, tables, elements and quality balances
5 / 11
8.4 MB
GSA PR Emulator 1.18
Filter good and bad quality URLs by verifying their page ranks, with this useful program that also includes a powerful proxy scraper
5 / 11
8.3 MB
Photovoltaic System 1.92
Estimate startup costs and calculate your photovoltaic system's amortization over a period of thirty years, with this lightweight application
5 / 12
2.3 MB
App Developer 1.92
A robust financial simulator that uses social media-specific parameters
6 / 15
2.3 MB
Qdoc 2.8 Beta+
Generate various quality-testing related documents, such as process diagrams, PFMEA and control plans by turning to this application
5 / 13
6.1 MB
Takemote Lite 1.3.1
Takemote monitor and control any Windows application with a remote device
9 / 28
90.96 MB
OKI Printer Resetter Utility 2.0.7
Reset the drum, toner, belt and fuser life counters on OKI printers and reduce operating costs, with this easy-to-use application
5 / 13
24.3 MB
My Nes 6.2.150
Play your favorite NES games on your computer and organize your entire collection
2 / 7
4 MB
KantoSynchro 3.0
An application that can synchronize your songs with their lyrics so you can have fun and play karaoke
4 / 13
11.9 MB
Create multiple desktop layout files, and use them to restore the previous window configuration
4 / 13
3.1 MB
IdentaFone Pro 3.2.5
A useful caller ID application equipped with desktop pop-ups, email and paging notifications
6 / 21
3 MB
FFQueue 1.7.48
A graphical user interface for FFMPeg that lets you easily edit your streamed or recorded videos using command lines and presents
6 / 23
2.1 MB
GTAtool 2.1.0
Manipulate GTA files on your computer in a simple manner
4 / 17
21.5 MB
Wakanda 1.1.3
A JavaScript-based platform that lets you create stable web-based applications
8 / 33
117 MB
Health Break 1.6
Include regular breaks in your work schedule and remind yourself to get up and relax every now and then, with this lightweight application
4 / 18
1.3 MB
Create various video conferences, such as meetings and webinars, or call someone by using this application that comes with a user-friendly interface
6 / 24
0.4 MB
CacheGuard NG-1.2.6
CacheGuard Secures and Optimizes Web traffic at the Gateway.
4 / 27
187.48 MB
SX System Suite 3.0
A set of ten tools for system monitoring and analysis
5 / 31
25.5 MB
Docsvault Enterprise 10.3
Scan and manage company documents with this server and client-based software
4 / 29
327 MB
Filetopia 834.B
A peer-to-peer file sharing client that allows you to download files and share them with others via an Internet connection
10 / 66
45.6 MB
Bear 1.56
Receive information regarding the usage of all GDI Objects and User Objects for running processes
4 / 30
1 MB
Synchronize multiple computers with ease
5 / 47
14.8 MB
IM Password Dump 4.0
A command line tool that can retrieve lost or forgotten instant messaging application passwords
4 / 31
2.7 MB
FTP Password Dump 3.0
A robust application that can reliably retrieve your FTP account username and password
4 / 33
2.5 MB
copSSH 5.4.21
A simple tool that allows you to remotely access and control computers
4 / 34
14.5 MB
Kerish Doctor 2017 4.65
Complete solution for the automatic maintenance of Windows-based computers.
9 / 57
35.76 MB
ECTcamera 2.35.8
Simple, flexible, portable and freeware camera application.
8 / 59
2.02 MB
SeePlus 9.0.520
SeePlus offers premier digital asset management for a variety of media files.
4 / 43
1.16 MB
Orderprog PC Cleanup 2.0
disk cleanup, remove duplicate files, disk space analysis
8 / 110
22.53 MB
Orderprog Duplicate File Finder 2.0
remove duplicate, search for copies, find copies of music, search for duplicates
8 / 109
22.52 MB
nanoCAD Plus 8.0.3506
nanoCAD Plus- easy-to-use low cost CAD software delivering great user experience
6 / 94
440.78 MB
Active Disk Editor 6.0.37
Disk Editor is a free low level hexadecimal editor
4 / 56
14.73 MB
Get back deleted data and unformat hard drive partitions with Unformat 4.0.
10 / 172
13.1 MB
SoundBunny 1.80
a light and handy software program that handles tons of audio files
9 / 146
1.73 MB
ColorVeil 3.0
Screen color filters to reduce eye strain, help with Dyslexia and Visual Stress
8 / 137
0.11 MB
Razer Cortex
Boost your PC for more frames per second, find cheap games and record game video
9 / 138
117.86 MB
GSA Platform Identifier 1.77
A feature-rich software application that can scan, detect the platform and sort a large number of URL addresses
6 / 103
17.6 MB
LogFramer 2.0
A small piece of software that enables you to design and manage your projects, and plan your activities and budget
6 / 139
0.5 MB