Tech support in Dell and HP discourage customers from upgrading to Windows 10


    Microsoft may be extremely happy that so many people have upgraded their computers to Windows 10 but that does not mean other companies feel the same. In fact, Laptop talked to tech support from Dell and HP and found that both companies are discouraging their users from upgrading to the latest version of Windows and are even trying to help people downgrade back to Windows 8.1 and 7.

    This kind of tech support policy is nothing new, especially when the companies do not have real connections to Windows. Both companies have defended these policies, saying that a ton of people are calling for help with Windows 10. Of course, what the companies will not tell you is that you may have a non-Windows 10 related question and they still may not help you just because you have installed the new OS.

    The reason behind all this is not nefarious in the least and neither Dell nor HP have a bone to pick with Microsoft. The two companies simply have a wide range of computers, a lot of which will be upgraded to Windows 10 no matter how old they are. Furthermore, training tech support in a new OS can take a lot of time. Helping a user who has just migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 can be a real pain and despite Microsoft’s push, a lot of users were not actually ready for the upgrade.

    With that said, tech support companies knew about the release of Windows 10 for months and previews of the operating system have been available for an equal amount of time. Not being able to provide the answers to every single Windows 10 question is understandable but confusing users even more when they ask for tech support is just bad business practice.