Facebook to release a standalone news app amidst 1 billion daily users


    Calling Facebook the world’s largest social media platform is not an exaggeration. It is a title that the company has kept for a long time now with no signs of stopping any time soon. Many herald the death of Facebook every single day but the truth is that Facebook actually average a billion daily users on September. Just a month before that, Facebook was happy to announce that it reached the milestone of having one billion simultaneous users and then that number became the average.

    Facebook is seemingly unfazed by the numbers as the social network continues to expand its territory which will soon enclose us all. According to the Financial Times, the company will be releasing an app called “Notify” which will host news from a variety of publishers like CBS, The Washington Post and Vogue. The name of the app is not random at all as the service will notify you whenever a news partner uploads an article and will focus entirely on news stories with no other distractions.

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about the number of users and the path Facebook is poised to take during this quarter’s earnings call and his plans were not all that surprising. The social network will be focusing very hard on video as it will provide very lucrative business opportunities in the ad sector. Facebook already gets 78% of its revenue from mobile and it will continue to push for more user engagement, especially in multimedia sections.

    The company says that there are 8 billion daily video views on average but the number can easily be challenged when you look into it as the social network counts a view even for just 3 seconds of watching. Combine that with the auto-playing videos and you can see how that number can grow to previously unimaginable heights. Facebook clearly has some major plans though so I will wait and see before judging the network’s prowess in the video industry.