AVG LinkScanner: Browse safely


avg_logoAVG Technologies, formerly Grisoft, the people behind AVG, the popular freeware antivirus, just released LinkScanner, a browser plug-in designated to protect  your daily internet browsing adventure. AVG LinkScanner protects you from visiting malicious websites, kinda the same job as SiteAdvisor, the direct competitor from McAfee. AVG LinkScanner scans all the search results from the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and displays an icon if the web address is safe or not for you to visit.

Some benchmarks show that AVG LinkScanner blocked more malicious sites than SiteAdvisor, making it, in theory, the best free protection for your browser. That doesn’t mean that SiteAdvisor is something to ignore and, looking back in time, benchmarks weren’t always the best way to judge a software. We tested it for a while and I’m personally happy with LinkScanner, although it crashed my browser 2 times for uknown reasons. AVG LinkScanner proved a valuable tool and I’ll advise anyone to try it, especially my “high-tech” relatives.

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