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Top 10 Freeware Downloads
Java SE Development Kit JDK 8 Update 45
The next Java platform by Sun Microsystems
Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise
Auto Typer And Auto Clicker 1.4
Can auto type a list of messages
Sun Java JRE 8 Update 45
Run Java applications
Eclipse SDK 4.5
Open-source Java IDE and platform for apps
Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 4.0.3
Track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google maps
Google Android SDK Release 24.1.2
Create applications for Android phones
Qbasic 1.0
Check for error as you type your program
LispIDE 20100202.21
A basic Lisp editor for Windows.
Latest Updates
TNTsdk 2015 Build 20150520
A set of tools that let you develop applications that collaborate with TNTmips
Portable SynWrite 6.18.2100
Edit your source code from anywhere in the world with this handy and efficient application
iText 5.5.6
Create PDF files with the help of this Java library.
Nicomsoft OCR SDK 5.8.782
A handy toolkit that allows you to easily integrate OCR technology in your products
Nagasena 0000.0002.0052.0
Integrate EXI support into your applications with this lightweight and easy to use Java library
Software Ideas Modeler 8.35.5610.11853
A lightweight and powerful tool for the creation of UML diagrams.
Advanced USB Port Monitor
USB Devices: analysis and debugging
AlphaControls Lite Edition 10.05
Freeware skinned VCL with AlphaSkins using.
VISCOM Calendar ActiveX Control SDK 2.11
calendar function in your application
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YourKit Profiler 2015 Build 15056
A useful CPU and memory profiler for .NET platform.
6 / 21
41.6 Mb
A program developers can use to automate build and release management for their software products
7 / 29
52.2 Mb
Xamarin Studio 5.9 Build 431
A comprehensive IDE for C# applications development and cross-platform deployement
7 / 61
1.9 Mb
bin2header 0.0.1
Easily convert binary files to to C/C++ headers with this free tool
3 / 59
0.2 Mb
Absolute Database 7.50
A Single File Delphi Database that supports SQL, BLOBS and multiuser mode
3 / 53
70.9 Mb
Open Watcom 1.9
A comprehensive IDE that bundles C, C++ and Fortran aimed at professionals
9 / 114
80.1 Mb
Lazarus 1.4.0
A powerful Delphi programming environment with an intuitive IDE
6 / 80
108 Mb
InfoBrowser 1.005
A free and lightweight file viewer and web browser that you can implement into your software
0 / 112
0.1 Mb
Korduene 0.4.0130.0834 Alpha
Use this application to start developing Windows software with no need for advanced programming skills
0 / 80
3.2 Mb
jGeohash 1.4.4
Use this small Java library to implement the GeoHash algorithm into your applications
0 / 83
0.25 Mb
CMake 3.1.1
Check and package your applications’ codes with this open-source utility
1 / 75
11.7 Mb
MP4 Tag Library
A friendly utility that lets you read, write and save tags for MP4, M4A and M4B formats
0 / 66
3.8 Mb
A code editor with advanced development tools for Flash developers
1 / 63
29.9 Mb
iGeo Beta
An open source Java-based 3D modelling library
0 / 63
5.5 Mb
QuaZIP 0.7.1
A simple, open source C++ wrapper, QuaZIP that lets you access ZIP archives from your Qt application
0 / 60
0.6 Mb
NetWinProtector 1.0.2
Protect executable files developed on the .NET Framework platforms from decompilation, modification, or accessed
0 / 59
1.5 Mb
Code Bank 3.1.0 Build 20141229
A powerful code snippet storing and management system
0 / 114
0.9 Mb
DDXFile 1.26
A free control utility that can select a filename for developers that use MFC
0 / 69
0.1 Mb
Zend Studio 12.5.0
A PHP integrated development environment designed to make your development work easier
0 / 102
287 Mb
P4Java 2014.1
Access the Perforce server commands from Java applications
0 / 100
3.8 Mb