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Pyshield 1.7.1

Pyshield - An integrated development platform.

An integrated development platform.

Pyshield is a handy IDE that was build in order to provide support for Python script editing, debugging and publish the files written by Python in various forms.

Pyshield features :

An editor simulates Emacs python-mode:
- Highlight python syntax
- Fold the code block
- Smart Completion
- Show the prototype or doc string of class or function
- Code Tree Browser

An power GUI debugger:
- Support breakpoint, watchpoint, catchpoint, and break condition, commands just as GDB can do
- Support debugging multi-threads

- Posted through the RSA encrypted Python script instead Python source code;

- Deploy Python scripts to standalone executable files

Project management, using project you can do:
- Manage the scripts, modules, extensions, packages and data files in one project.
- Build the distribute package for the product in various forms, for example, Microsfot Installer(.msi) and .rpm
- Make your product can be trial and can be registered by serial number.

- Multi-platform support and cross-publish. Pyshield can run on Windows and Linux platform also supports cross-publish. In other words, you can developed under the Windows platform, then you can generate the installation package which can run on both Windows and Linux by Pyshield; and vice versa, you can developed under Linux, and by using Pyshield to make the installation package running on Windows and Linux.


- 30 days trial

Pyshield 1.7.1 is licensed as Trial for the Windows operating system / platform. Pyshield is provided as a free to try download for all software users (Trial).

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