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Daily Kanji for Windows 8 Final
Practice your Japanase writing skills with this tool.
13 / 1,098
1.3 Mb
Morse Coder for Windows 8
A good old fashioned Morse coder
12 / 1,053
2.7 Mb
A useful and intuitive Morse code translator that enables you to encode and decode texts, as well as learn the character set for writing in Morse code
8 / 1,142
5.8 Mb
Design a terrace paving without slab cut.
9 / 1,744
13.5 Mb
Laugh It Up! for Windows 8
This is a fun application that provides information about the hottest stand up comedians, as well as their representations on stage
12 / 1,236
1.9 Mb
Astro-sign for Windows 8
A fun program that provides a user-friendly method of finding out your astrological and universal signs based on your birth date
10 / 1,218
0.04 Mb
Where I Am for Windows 8
A useful program that is able to identify the location of your device and display the latitude and longitude values in order to know exactly where you are
14 / 1,291
0.035 Mb
An intuitive application designed to assist you in finding expressions within the Torah or any other text file, determine letter frequency and export the results.
17 / 1,192
6.6 Mb
Journal Tracker 1.0
Journal Tracker will aid you in organizing your thoughts, ideas, and pieces of paper.
9 / 1,112
16.1 Mb
Type Speed for Windows 8 Final
A typing speed tester with a simple interface.
14 / 1,349
0.174 Mb
MovieNight for Windows 8
An innovative application that provides a consolidated view of top movies, providing access to reviews on Amazon, Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes MovieNight for Windows 8 is a fun program that provides information on today's top movies, as well as to us
10 / 1,321
17.7 Mb
World Wide Currency Converter for Windows 8
An easy to use application that is especially tailored for performing a wide variety of currency conversions with minimal efforts
10 / 1,261
0.77 Mb
WinColors for Windows 8
A color sampler with the predefined Windows colors.
9 / 1,306
0.15 Mb
SgfEditor for Windows 8
Allows you to edit and save SGF files.
12 / 1,325
0.15 Mb
Talking Alphabet 3.7.1
Talking Alphabet is the perfect way for toddlers and children to learn their ABC's and 123's!
11 / 1,338
8.4 Mb
Blue Screen for Windows 8 Final
Prank your co-workers with this fake Blue Screen!
12 / 1,359
0.013 Mb
Flightmap 2.1.6
Keeps track of all your flights and view them as a high-resolustion poster map.
27 / 1,177
24 Mb
TorchLight for Windows 8
A flashlight application for Windows 8 devices
14 / 1,403
0.85 Mb
GMAT Exam Simulator 2.0.8
GMAT Exam Simulator - launch any exam, complete a realistic simulated session, and review a previously completed session
20 / 977
0.36 Mb
Woodworking Joints 2 1.0.0032
Simple, small and reliable educational software that allows you to quickly and easily learn more about carpentry and home design.
13 / 1,095
0.1 Mb