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Mathomatic 16.0.5

Mathomatic - Intuitive PC algebra system

Intuitive PC algebra system

Mathomatic is an easy to use software that allows you to automatically deal with complex mathematical formulas that have many variables. With Mathomatic you will be able to solve, simplify, manipulate and calculate even the most complex formulas.

With Mathomatic you are also able to simultaneously perform generalized standard, complex number, modular and polynomial arithmetic. It also supports some basics of calculus.

As it has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, Mathomatic implements standard rules of algebra for symbolic addition, subtraction, multiplication, modulo division, division and all types of exponentiation. It supports numeric arithmetic as double precision floating point that hits around 14 decimal digits of accuracy, thus many results will be incredibly accurate.

Mathomatic is comprised of two parts, a text mode symbolic math application and symbolic math library. Because Mathomatic is portable and command-line based software programmed entirely in C programming language it can be used on desktops, servers and even mobile and built-in computer devices.

It will work flawlessly in any operating system that has support for C compiler. This means next to Windows it will work on Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X. You can also run the Symbolic Math Library without an operating system. Symbolic Math Library is Mathomatic’’s symbolic math engine and it comes without any dependencies except it only requires standard C libraries.

Mathomatic is completely free and Open Source program and it has been under constant development since 1986.

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