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Top 10 Freeware
Watermarks removal tool 5.5.7
Remove watermarks from your images
King James Bible Ebook PDF 1
King James Bible Full Version
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions – Making Digital Reading Interesting
e-Sword 10.1.0
A fast and effective way to study the Bible
Punjabi Kosh 2.9.15
An electronic English to Punjabi Dictionary.
NASA World Wind 1.4.0 Final
Zoom any place on Earth
Satellite Finder 5.0 Build 1395
Locates the relative positions of satelites
Alkitab Bible Study 2.9.1
Alkitab is a free desktop bible study tools.
BySoft Free BMI Calculator
Free simple way to calculate your body mass
Capture Perfect 1.3
Control your Canon digital camera
Latest Updates
ExifTool 10.44
Renames files and organizes in directories
Classroom Spy Professional 4.2.4
Monitor their screens and take action.
Espresso ELN 7.4.1
A feature-rich electronic lab notebook for chemists
Strater 5.2.824
A robust application for geology analysis that lets you create and customize projects with cross sections and stratigraphic views
VueScan 9.5.70
Scanning program with high color fidelity
GeoGebra 5.0.332.0
An open-source mathematics application that can be used to help you with algebra, geometry, and/or calculus
iTrain 4.0.4
A friendly piece of software that lets you control your miniature trains and manage the railroad
tinySpell 1.9.62
A small yet reliable spellchecker you can use in any app where text input is possible
WordMat 1.11
Expand Microsoft Word's mathematical capabilities with advanced functions, formulas and graph generator utilities
Create your custom dictionary from scratch
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AnthemScore 2.3.0
Effortlessly create music sheets from your favorite songs or the tracks you are working on using this user-friendly software solution
0 / 17
14.6 Mb
Juice Grinder 3.0.0 Build 48579
A friendly application that can calculate the amounts of substances to add to your own recipe of electronic cigarette juice
0 / 12
26.3 Mb
Create your custom dictionary from scratch
0 / 20
52.8 Mb
Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary 4.0
A friendly utility that helps you learn new vocabulary terms for the English language
0 / 38
23.7 Mb
DigitizeIt 2.3.2
DigitizeIt can automatically digitize scanned graphs and output data values.
0 / 46
25 Mb
DigitizeIt for Mac 2.2.2
A handy application that can automatically digitize scanned graphs and output data values
0 / 28
42 Mb
What Watch 4.1 Build 101 [5]
Create complex astrology reports as well as graphs, tables, elements and quality balances
0 / 42
8.4 Mb
DesktopPlant 3.1.4
Add a virtual plant on your desktop and take care of it, making sure it gets enough water, light and fertilizer to grow
0 / 113
0.9 Mb
Abstract Coloring Book for Windows 10 Final
A fun and relaxing coloring book application suitable for both children and adults
0 / 146
54.2 Mb
Calculate both simple and complex mathematical operations, generate Latex strings and save results as RTF files
0 / 143
0.2 Mb
Classical Vocabulary 2.1 Build 1 Jan 2017
A lightweight application that bundles essential tools for learning and translating Greek and Latin
0 / 100
1.6 Mb
Get Exercise 1.40
Get reminders to get up and start moving while working at the desk for hours
0 / 104
3.5 Mb
InchPro Decimal 1.0.0
A unit converter with support for various measurement systems
0 / 59
5.7 Mb
Asciidoc FX 1.5.2
Create Epub, Mobi, HTML or PDF books in an intuitive manner
0 / 105
61.5 Mb
Music Theory 10.0
Learn the basics of musical theory in a simple manner
0 / 105
0.4 Mb
CutLogic 2D 5.2.0
A straightforward application that lets you optimize material cutting to minimize manufacturing costs
0 / 113
11.3 Mb
TxPlan 3.2
Create basic transponder frequency plans and save them as images
0 / 225
1.8 Mb
Circuitscape 4.0.5
Predict gene flow and model its movement based on circuit theory
0 / 179
49.3 Mb
Casyopee 3.4.2
A feature-rich application that lets you learn and teach mathematical functions at secondary school level
0 / 167
19 Mb
eBook Compiler Gold 3.4
Quickly compile e-books, presentations or image albums using entire folders
0 / 180
1.3 Mb