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Stock Symbol for Windows 8
Retrieve stock market information from the Internet in order to find otu more information about a certain company
23 / 1,368
0.6 Mb
Metro Wallet for Windows 8
An easy to use transaction tracker that allows you to record your payments and incomes in order to update your account balance and view transaction statistics
22 / 1,342
1.6 Mb
New Exchange for Windows 8
An easy to use application that is especially tailored for performing a wide variety of currency conversions with minimal efforts
30 / 1,302
1.5 Mb
Kick the Can for Windows 8
Displays the budget statistics for the current year and the historical evolution.
30 / 1,073
1.5 Mb
Watch My Budget
Take control of your financial future by keeping track of your incomes, expenses and other transactions in order to create a sustainable budget.
28 / 784
0.4 Mb
Watch My Budget LITE
A useful budgeting application that was especially designed to provide a simple means of keeping track of your income and expenses
34 / 873
0.4 Mb
Quick Budget for Windows 8
Analyze your personal or family budget with this app.
23 / 1,327
0.2 Mb
MoneyPlanner for Windows 8
A budget tracker with a simple interface.
21 / 1,237
0.6 Mb
PaperFinance for Windows 8 Final
Manage your finances with this tool.
24 / 1,396
0.2 Mb
Barcode Software for All
An intuitive tool that lets you create and print barcodes from a rich selection of templates
29 / 891
7.6 Mb
myAccounter for Windows 8
A financial calculator that enables you to estimate the efficiency of your business or the dividend yield value with minimum effort
22 / 1,203
0.666 Mb
Forex Market Hours Monitor 2.0
Free software for tracking active forex trading sessions
26 / 814
0.55 Mb
MarketWatch for Windows 8
Read the MarketWatch editorials with this app.
24 / 1,244
1.3 Mb
Penny A Day for Windows 8
Start saving money and estimate the outcome with this app.
21 / 1,239
0.32 Mb
MoneyMagnet for Windows 8
A simple transaction tracker for your incomes and expenses.
24 / 1,341
0.2 Mb
StockCharts for Windows 8
Displays detailed stock market graphs.
18 / 1,242
0.5 Mb
Live Rates for Windows 8
A simple application designed to help users retrieve updated information about the price of precious metals in multiple currencies
23 / 1,253
0.7 Mb
UCalculate for Windows 8
A practical application for the users who need to calculate their loan installments, credit cards payoff time and body mass index
24 / 1,364
0.3 Mb
EMI Finder for Windows 8
A simple calculator that allows you to estimate a loan installment by taking into consideration the amount, interest rate and number of months
24 / 1,321
0.2 Mb
Ufasoft Coin
An Incredibly Handy and Convenient Multi Currency Bitcoin Client
55 / 1,394
5.4 Mb